Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Action cures fear, inaction creates terror.

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Completion Date: Thu 11 Feb 2016

My name is Rose and I have recently been offered a place on a PhD at the university of Lincoln, in the UK. Unfortunately the offer does not come with a scholarship, and the fees are eye-watering. Over the last few years I have completed my Bachelors and Master in Sociology focusing on counter-terrorism studies. I would love to continue my studies but am unable to do so without your help.

I am a mother of two and have been working for roughly 5 years as a freelance researcher and writer. While I have been pursuing my career and working toward reconnecting with my family, my mother has taken care of my sons. Thanks to her, they are some of the top students in my country and I know that they are safe while I work in terror prone areas.

During my time in areas affected by terrorism, I have seen children all alone, afraid and helpless. I regularly think about my children in these circumstances, hugging those lonely ones like my own. I hope that my research on counter-terrorism prevention can make a difference, preventing the spread of extreme ideologies and terrorism in the Middle East, but also further afield.

As the international student the cost of university tuition in the UK, and the cost to carry out the research are simply unaffordable. I am hoping to raise sufficient funds to cover the tuition fees and additional money to carry out the research project. The project is about studying terrorism especially mass terror and genocide which can be happened by Islamic propoganda everywhere we live.

This research will include some travel in the Middle East as well as other associated research cost such as transcription and translators. Given my cultural awareness and knowledge of the Arabic language, research costs will be kept to a minimum.

Over the past few months I have tried various things to gain scholarships, but given where I come from it has been impossible to find the necessary funding. There is a problematic lack of conventional funding offered privately. Given the high international tuition fees, the sum I have to raise is rather high as my two young children are also still reliant on me. Despite my personal circumstances I have already managed to get through my Bachelors and Masters, but am afraid that without your help I may not be able to continue my studies. I half managed to raise the sum needed for living cost for the first year. However, after narrowly missing out on an Annual Fund Scholarship, and within the start date looming, am still short of the money needed to take up my place at the University of Lincoln. I have now decided to start this crowd funding page in the hopes that your generosity may allow me to continue to study, and achieve my ambitions of creating a better world less affected by extremism and terrorism, while at the same time creating a better live for myself and family.




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I allocated this reward to help Izadi's family to release their girls, as you know Izadi women and girls being forced into sexually slavery by the ISIL militants. Plus you will receive all of the aforementioned rewards.

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Dear Colleagues, I would be so glad if you have any specific request me to do so in my field research which I already work. I also would be happy to share some of my sources and to send you more information if you request it.

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Estimated delivery: 1 December 2016