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Completion Date: Tue 25 Mar 2014

The Lollipop Shop is a Young Enterprise organisation specialising in the sale of PERSONALISED confectionery lollipops and lollipop bouquets. We operate around a vintage style aiming to bring back the excitement of enjoying a lollipop, which we believe has been lost over the years. 

Christmas stand 2013



We are final year MMU students studying Business Management. As the part of our course, we had to run a business project which is assessed at different levels and later on the profits made will be given to charity!

 The Team!

Different ribbons for Valentine's Day!

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The Million Dollar Question

  • Why do we need funding?

As a student led business, it becomes difficult for us to develop the business with our limited resources. We have already had two sale days which were quite successful. But now we need to show growth and for that we need funding! We want to refine our stand. We would to give our customers a full vintage experience using a candy cart and ribbon wrap the lollipops infront of them! 

  • How will we spend the funds?

The funds we will collect will be used for our upcoming stand, themed around Easter! We will be selling Easter Specials along with our regular Singles and Duos.

 A yummy swirly lollipop and a Sweetheart pop tied together with a beautiful ribbon makes a perfect gift to express your affection on any occassion!

This is what our Duos look like!


Money Isn't Everything

We would really appreciate it if you help us in any way. Whether its with refining our business plan, help us with the IT side of the business or even just a recmmendation to someone whose holding an occassion! Click "I want to help" now!

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Thank you!

And REMEMBER! we need to reach our target to fulfill the "All or Nothing" policy!