The Lesson

Immersive reimagining of Eugene Ionesco's seminal absurdist play - The Lesson

The Lesson
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The project

Immersus are aiming to raise £500 to create and develop an immersive/experiential production of Eugene Ionesco's seminal absurdist play The Lesson. 

Who are we?

Immersus are an emerging immersive and interactive company formed in 2018 with the ambition to create exciting, immersive, sensory and experiential work that places its audiences' at the heart of the narrative.

Our first show The BallroomBlitz was a real success and we would like to continue building and growing as a company by not only being able to offer immersive event-based experiences, but by also being able to provide fresh reimaginings of well known stories and classic works of literature.

our story

This radical reimagining of The Lesson is inspired and influenced by the world of Manga, Anime and Asian cinema. A cut version of the script will be presented on the 14th of December @ 6:45pm at the atmospheric and sense inducing Ragged School Museum in East London (Mile End) See below.

This pilot showcase is the phase 1 development stage of creating a full-scale version of the production, which we hope to tour nationally to similar venues, fringe festivals and small-scale theatres in 2019

Presenting this piece, showcasing it's potential and documenting this phase of development will be integral in applying for future funding from the Arts Council England and Lottery Heritage Funding. 

The concept and casting of the piece reflects Immersus' commitment to championing inclusivity and diversity within the arts.

By donating and supporting this project you will be helping a company in it's infancy.

Where will the money go?

Hitting the minimum target will enable us to cover the cost of the venue £200

Reaching our full target we will not only be able to cover the hire but we will be able to fully support all aspects of the design of the project, which includes costume, props and lighting £500

Smashing this target to pieces we will allow us to invest in the marketing of the piece and the overall experience for audience on the night, which will support future funding for the piece £750


We have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out.

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Facebook - @immersusuk

Insta - @immers_us

Twitter - @immersus1

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