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The Edinburgh dream3000
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Completion Date: Thu 01 Sep 2016

The dream masters degree

I'm raising £3000 to help fund my masters degree starting in September 2016 and allow me to go on a course field trip next May to Tobago. This trip will be my first outside of Europe and will be the perfect opportunity to study and ultimately help protect the wildlife and natural environment. 

A little about myself...

I'm 22 and extremely passionate about wildlife conservation and the natural world.

  • What is the masters? Well it's an MSc in Ecotourism which will allow me to build on my previous skills and knowledge I gained from my undergraduate degree in international travel and tourism management. 
  • Why is this so important to me? I want to ultimately work in wildlife conservation, I've been obsessed with wildlife documentaries for as long as I can remember and want to make a real difference. I never thought I would be accepted to do a masters degree that has science at the core but I am so thankful that I did as I believe it really is the next step forward. 
  • - Why should you care? Your donations will make a huge impact as they will support me in achieving my dream job and help me to go onto supporting our beautiful natural world.

Your money, your choice

If I hit my target £1400 will go to the Tobago trip and the rest of tuition fees

  • Extra funds? Campaign a success? If this is the case all of my masters can be funded and I can put the rest of the costs towards travel in order to produce an interesting and educational dissertation that will hopefully be published one day. 
  • I will be giving updates on how this campaign is doing and any donations on a weekly basis. 

Every donation I get I will mention via social media and thank you publically online. 

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regular updates and social high fives for every donation! 

Support me in any way you can...

  • You don't need to donate financially to support me, please share this campaign via social media and tell all your friends and family about it. 
  • Any donations small or large will be very much appreciated and every single donation will get a public thank you via social media. 
  • In fact, share it with everyone you know as we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about it, the more likely we are to make this work out brilliantly.
  • - And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happen.