An M.A. Theology and Leadership Dream


An M.A. Theology and Leadership Dream
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Completion Date: Thu 06 Aug 2015

Hello! I am Dennis Ruigu Kabucho. I live and work in Nairobi, Kenya. My passion is to create healthy, well led communities of young people so that they can continue to explore what it means to live the story of God. I have been involved in a university ministry since 2008. A few months ago, I made a successful application to Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington to study an online based M.A. Theology and Leadership -

This is a course that fits perfectly well with who I am, what I do and intend to continue doing. The ideal combination of a Theology and Leadership coursework will find a ready field of application in my daily life and work.

Unfortunately, I can't afford the program. Despite a partial tuition scholarship of $9,100, the difference is too big for me. I been unsuccessful in numerous scholarship applications and eligibility requirements make it difficult to secure any loans. Therefore, I would like to raise $28,200 to help me cover the costs for the 2.5years M.A in Theology and Leadership.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:
  • Tuition fees - $18,200
  • 2 summer residencies (Travel and accommodation) - $8,000
  • Books and Administration costs - $2,000


I have been part of running a successful university students ministry for the last seven years. It is always a joy to guide students as they wrestle with questions of life and faith. Be a listening ear, a supportive coach and even a spiritual director to them. It has always been very fulfilling to create experiences that are transforming to the lives of these students. It has always been a joy to train and develop leadership among these students. It has always been a joy to see how much these students have grown and matured in their faith and thinking even as they step out into society after their college years.

I want to continue engaging in ministry more effectively and be more fruitful. I want to continue inviting university students to live lives full of virtue and develop a growing relationship with God, making them impactful in the society. That is why I seek to develop my capacity by taking on this degree.

Your support in this journey will truly help me do more of this kind of ministry that continues to equip and empower young people to step out into society and engage fully in creating a better world. As Africa grapples with complex challenges, I believe there is room for well rounded theologians and leaders with the appropriate academic training to contribute to her brighter future. My study of this degree is a preparation for me to step onto that stage at an even greater capacity. 


Twitter: @RuiguKabucho
Ministry Facebook Page:


I am very excited at the prospect of studying this degree. All donations, even the smallest ones will be hugely appreciated.

You may also invite a few of your friends to join in this campaign and this will even get us closer there.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I am deeply thankful.