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Nonna & Gordon

A voice back to the elderly: 2 survivors from opposing sides of WW2 connected by 1 Granddaughter

Nonna & Gordon
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This project received pledges on Fri 14 Dec 2018

'Nonna & Gordon' short summary 

We are raising £520 to tell make a documentary on my Grandparents who both went through WW2 on opposing sides. This project will help give them both a chance to be heard and tell their stories of what it really was like. It will be a reflective film, with a sense of nostalgia that strongly focuses on the theme of family and growing old.

An introduction to who we are 

My name is Georgia, I am the director (and Granddaughter) for this film. We also have Laurie our Director of Photography, Joy our Sound Recordist and Tom who will be editing the film. We are 3rd year students, studying BA Filmmaking at Kingston School of Art and are really excited to get the chance to bring these two stories to the screen!

The importance of this documentary 

The documentary explores the lives of two elderly people (my Italian Grandma (Nonna) and my Scottish Grandad (Gordon)) and the journey they’ve both experienced through being part of opposing sides of WW2. But unaware that one day they would become family - to the same Granddaughter. Their war stories will be the main area of interest in the film. Yet the heart of the film is a commentary on the elderly and growing old - that will touch on strong themes, in a light hearted way - expressing how their joy in life is still present. It’s a story of listening and behind heard, gives a voice back to the those we often neglect and looks for the story behind the person.

The elderly are increasingly disregarded in western society. This is a chance to give two people a voice and be heard. There is really a story to be told here, both emotional and light hearted that will hopefully start to change the stigma on how we view older generations and start seeing them as our elders with unique experiences that are part of what makes them who they are.

I am hoping that this project will touch a wide range of viewers, through the powerful juxtaposition of these two survivors' journeys and how they've gotten to where they are now. Yet also, the importance of the content of this film being a very serious education of history for young people too - in not forgetting the past! The film also will be very topical, given the current times we are living in with Brexit - the film also explores the theme of migration and the importance of home and family.  

Where will the money go?

Should we be lucky enough to get the funding for this film we will use it all for:

  • Travel money to and from our subjects home (in both Scotland + Hertfordshire): £505
  • Equipment: £15


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How you can stay updated

We will be sending out regular updates on email to all our backers to keep them up to date on all that's happening with the film!

Help us succeed!

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