The platform for student marketplace

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Completion Date: Wed 03 May 2017

The platform for student marketplace

Trocy is an online social platform providing the opportunity for students to exchange their goods, services and school information on campus with their peers.

Why Trocy?

Trocy allows students to reduce life expenses, earn extra income to support their living expenses such as travel cost, and boost social interactions. Our biggest recognized opportunity is safety of students' demand to the largest degree, including security of customers, growth of student income and development of their entrepreneurial skills. As Student's safety is our primary concern therefore, we restrict our market exclusively to students and set a grading procedure, which will ensure a safer and secured community.

Who are we?

Trocy is a team, comprised of engineers and business students from UB.

Blévie Méyia Luccchesi is an international student from France majoring in International Business. Facing financial difficulties, she decided to use her multiple skills such as hair styling to meet new people and earn extra income. School events such as fashion shows on campus helped her to grow her business and develop her reputation.

Both Mackenzie Parent and Scott Colas graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Bridgeport. They struggled to pay for their books and wished to reduce the cost knowing the complexity of their major during their college years. Specializing in software engineering and web application, They already acquired experiences at the workplace in the design and development of a virtual platform.

Luxi Zhao is an international student from China majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. When she arrived in the United States, she found herself isolated because of the language barrier. Also, she realized that transportation from the airport to University of Bridgeport was very expensive. From this experience, she thought of a car-sharing solution.

This team is enthusiastic to bring a change within the student's college experience and their complete journey towards completion of their academic endeavors. We are motivated to bring a change in the present college experience and improve it for the future generations. Bring communities and students close to each other.

The crowdfunding campaign


All contributions are welcome!


There is a huge market niche to satisfy students' increasing demands in school life. National surveys estimated 70% of college students are stressed about finances, which explains why more than 2,000 students are enrolled in run-entrepreneurship clubs and organizations on campus. During a year, students spend on average of $10,466.59 on living expenses during a year in college but their annual income working full time at federal minimum wage is $15,080 , not enough to finance their tuition expenses.


As a new company, we need investment in order to make Trocy accessible in the market. Here are our goals:

$255 - With this amount of money, Trocy will be able to release the website and buy the domain.

$500 - With this amount of money, Trocy will add additional security to protect user datas

$1,000 - Trocy will be able to host the first promotional event at the University of Bridgeport

$2,500 - We will be able to create the website, secure the datas, host promotional events and hire 2 brand ambassadors.

If we exceed our goals, Yess !!! We will be able to launch the website Trocy quickly, host multiple events in different universities and recruit multiple brand ambassadors who will help us to diffuse Trocy faster !!!


Donate and win numerous prices and over $100 you will have the opportunity to log in and navigate in the website with a student admit.


Because you are our best promoter, help us by spreading the word! If you cannot donate please share this page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, with your family, call your friends in college and don't forget let's go viral, tag us everywhere #Trocy !