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A short summary of your project

I am Sandeep, a graduate of MSc International Business Management and my Partner is Nitu, a Post-Graduate Diploma graduate of International Human Resource Management. We are passionate about healthy lifestyles, food, and vending machines, thus we are starting our Vending Business named Tucker Box UK. 

Tucker Box is the only vending machine franchise to provide fresh, healthy and affordable ready-to-eat meals to students in universities across the UK. The UK vending industry generates an annual turnover of £1.6 bn, mostly by serving tea, coffee, snack, cold drink and confectionery. There is no franchise in the market focusing on serving fresh and healthy foods in universities, thus Tucker Box would be one of the first movers in the United Kingdom.

As university students and staff members struggle to find 24/7 access to hot, tasty and nutritious food, they tend to travel distances to the nearest shops and hot food outlets. We will be providing the right food at the right time to these customers through our customised vending machines that will be located at convenient spots. Our menu includes various cuisines from salads, kinds of pasta to curry-rice dishes. Customers can simply use the keypad on the machine to select the food they want to buy, pay by card or cash, and get the tucker box. 

Our aim is to provide the best possible food to our customers and keep improving technology to create new benchmarks in the market. We want to establish a position in students’ day- to-day life that they can rely on us whenever they are hungry. Our short term goals are to sell 25 meals per machine per day at the campuses that have strengths of thousands of students.

Who are you?

Sandeep Bartwal

I have accomplished MSc in International Business Management with Professional Placement from Kingston University, where I scored A+ in Entrepreneurship in international Context, Financial Business Management and Project Management. Moreover, I have done my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce (BCom) from Mumbai University in India. 

I have been working as a finance controller at LM Kingston 1 Lodge Ltd since the start of my MSc International Business Management. My role is to oversee finances including accounts payable/receivable, payroll, cashiering, income audit, month end closing, health & safety, HR duties, and ensuring the implementation of laws, regulations and policies. I also oversee the food supplies and inventories. It was always important for me to explore different restaurants by working at them to understand their business models, working styles and kitchen management, thus in the last 7 years I have worked in different roles ranging from assistant chef to operation manager at Breach candy club (Mumbai, IN), Kashmiri (Putney, UK) and Sai Punjabi restaurant (New Malden, UK). Also, I have successfully run my uncle’s restaurant during my college days. 

Nitu Agarwal

I have completed a Postgraduate Diploma in International Human Resource Management      (PgD IHRM) from Kingston University in 2020. Prior I have pursued a bachelor’s degree in Business Management Studies in Human Resource (BMS HR) from Mumbai University in India.

I have worked as a customer assistant at McDonald's for 2 years during my MSc in Kingston. During this work experience I got a chance to learn about the fast-food industry and their super-efficient production lines. I also focused on understanding the UK food market, while developing my interpersonal skills by assessing customers’ needs and providing effective customer services. I have also worked as a team member in the catering department in oats management where I learned the food standards and safety. This job has assisted me to realise the importance of serving fresh and healthy food to the customers. 

Your story

Sandeep Bartwal

I grew up in a family of restaurant owners, chefs and food enthusiast people, thus my exposure to the food industry played an important role in encouraging me to have my own food business. I am not only passionate about food, but also finance and management that goes along with it in order to make it a success in the market. I have been acquiring the necessary skills to run a business from the courses that I studied during my Bachelor’s degree and MSc, I always prioritise working in the food industry to keep my expertise and competencies updated. Importantly, I want to make a difference in people's lives by integrating innovation and food, thus I want to start my own business.

Nitu Agarwal

I always wanted to start my own business in the hotel and hospitality industry which would have low maintenance, provide a variety of options, easy accessibility and should be convenient to my customers. The primary aim to start my own business is to serve people and make a profitable and impactful business. The other reasons that I want to run my own business is to earn money by being hardworking, creative, and innovative while having liberty of decision-making and supporting the causes that I care about.

Where will the money go?

We will be using the donations for the following work:

Customised vending machine X 2 - £2000

Product testing - £500

If we receive more funding than our target, then it will be invested in customising and installing more vending machines at various locations. 

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Thank you all in advance for supporting us by doing any amount of donations made. 

Every penny you donate is valuable for us.

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Instagram : https://instagram.com/tuckerboxuk?igshid=55ob0lfvc32f

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tucker.box.3

Website : http://tucker-box.co.uk/

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