UCL Giving Voice

UCL students raising awareness about the work of Speech and Language Therapy in the local community

UCL Giving Voice
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Completion Date: Tue 03 Sep 2013

The Giving Voice Campaign

  • I'm a Speech and Language Therapy student at University College London (UCL) and am part of a group of other students called UCL Giving Voice
  • The Giving Voice campaign has been set up by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists to raise awareness of the crucial role that speech and language therapists play and to highlight the difficulties that those with communication and swallowing difficulties face.
  • This campaign is extremely important as many people in the world have communication difficulties whether they have a syndrome they were born with such as Down's Syndrome, have suffered a stroke, have dementia or learning disabilities. These are only a proportion of the people Speech and Language Therapists support.  Being able to talk, make a choice, ask questions, or even understand what other people are saying can easily be taken for granted. The impact on those who cannot carry out these actions is huge. Please donate generously.


The Million Dollar Question

  • Myself and my fellow students are raising awareness within the local community through events. We'll try to arrange film screenings of films that involve people with communication difficulties, we'll have a balloon launch with Giving Voice balloons and we're thinking about taking over a student bar to serve thickened shots to raise awareness about those with swallowing difficulties. These events are only a few of what we've got cooking up! If you like our Facebook page called UCL Giving Voice, you're more than welcome to come along to any of our events once we get started! We're also going to be writing to local politicans to get them involved in our campaign.
  • Funding will go towards buying balloons for the launch, tshirts, flyers, banners and any hiring of equipment of facilities. Anything that you can give us will be an incredible donation.


Money Isn't Everything

  • If you're happy to share this project, please click the 'I want to help' button above. That will also be an enormous help.


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Thank you very much! :)