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Completion Date: Thu 15 Nov 2018

Who are we?

IGNITE is a digital student media team run by over 90 student staff from across all schools and faculties in the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) under the supervision of academic staff from the School of Modern Languages and Culture (SMLC).

We’ve been an integrated part of the UNMC community for almost 6 years, providing the whole campus with day-to-day news, insightful observations on issues students find important and entertainment. We also aim to be a learning platform, providing on the job guidance and training to the entire team. We organise workshops every month for the greater UNMC community to learn from and run our flagship event: IGNITE Industry Training Weekend (IITW). IITW is open to all university students in the region and provides opportunities for them to gain hands on media skills from industry professionals from our big name media sites like Malaysiakini, BFM and The Star.

We need a Newsroom!

After over five years of hard work, the School has finally decided to acknowledge our contributions to campus life and give us the one essential thing to the running of such a happening student media: a newsroom. A student media without a newsroom is like a Bonnie without her Clyde, a Batman without his Batcave; we can't plan for world domination without it! We need the space to hold meetings, to store our equipment and a workspace for our writers and operations team to synergise and come up with great stuff. Currently we’ve managed to improve on our coordination as we have just got a space, but it is poorly equipped. Hands down, the team would totally love to get a cool, fully equipped newsroom.

Can you help us kit out our Newsroom?

Now that we have this newsroom, its a blank space that needs to be filled. Therefore, we are asking for donations in order to kit it out. With your help, we can:

  • Purchase the round table to enable editorial meetings
  • Make the newsroon a creative and fun workspace
  • Buy key equipment needed for our photographers and other team members.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, we have been offered some funding through the Cascade grants programme. But on one condition: we first have to raise 500 pounds via crowdfunding before the grant is released. So please help IGNITE make our dreams, aka our three-year plan, come true.

How you can help:

  1. Please choose a reward level and sponsor us
  2. We'd love it if you could make a financial contribution - but you can help in other ways. Use the social media buttons and share this project with everyone in your network! Personalised messages to them work the best.
  3. Follow us on our social media and like, comment and share our work!




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