Athletics Team Kit

University of Chichester Athletics Team kit for students

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Completion Date: Tue 22 Nov 2016

Athletics Team Kit

University of Chichester

We have kit envy after the Olympics! The University of Chichester Athletics team wear baggy, unfitted kit and we need your help to update and upgrade it so that we can train hard and look good doing it too. We need £2500 to redesign it and kit out all 26 members for competition meets.

About me

I'm Marielle Dorset, a student-athlete with a love of distance events like 5 k cross country running. I'm in my final year of a Business Studies and Finance degree. I've worked hard over summer so that I can concentrate on study and sport. I want to help get a great set of kit for our athletics team.

The Athletics Team

I have to ration what kit I buy to represent my University so I hope that you can help us represent our sports team. What I'm doing will mean that more students will be able to have and wear the kit than the previous 1/3 of our team last year wearing the kit, as we can not afford all the kit. Not only does it mean that more students have the chance to train and compete in a sport that they enjoy; It encourages exercise and fitness throughout young people. It also gives students like me the chance to be part of something great, where we can make great friends and have a membership with a society making us less stressed and more motivated.

What we will do with funds

  • If we make the minimum- money will go on re-designing new kit that is well designed for our athletes, and go towards the purchasing of the minimum (small bundle) kit for all students.
  • If we hit the full target- The money will allow us to buy full kit bundles for each student-athlete. If we don't we will use the money we receive to purchase as many full kit bundles as we can.
  • Extra funds will buy the team banners to help promote the team and new equipment such as flood lights for the track so we can train on the track when it's dark! 

    I will update you daily once it is up and running, informing you about the new design of the  kit. Once it has been made there will be photo uploads of newly manufactured kit on the athletes.


    Design Cost- £200

    Hoodie- £30

    Training top- £24

    Mid Layer- £32

    Shorts- £18

    Tracksuit Trousers-£34

    Polo Top- £22

    Small Bundle- £85

    Full Bundle- £125


    Flood lights- £50


    Banners- £30

    Here are some of the girls from our team helping to promote the athletics team.

Rewards and what's in it for you!

By donating to us you will we will give you some rewards, if you are a student in the team you will get the kit (that's in line with your donation) if you are not you will be helping us buy this kit and we will give you some extras depending on your donation amount, If you donate:

Between £5-£10 you will receive a thank you comment on Facebook and  a chance to come and train with us.

£10-£20- Half of a hoodie for team member as well as the above.

£25- If you are a supporter we will give you a supporters banner and a chance to come and train with us.

£30- A hoodie, as the above plus a supporters t-shirt.

£50- A hoodie, shorts and as the above.

£85- Small Bundle, as above plus the chance to come and watch us at a competition.

£125- Full Bundle, as above plus the chance to come to all of our competitions.

We are a great Team!

Some of our athletes training.

Find us here 

Find us here…. And follow us on Facebook on our page-¬if_id=1477145594169689  to keep updated with regular information throughout our fundraising campaign.

Help Us Begin! 

If you cannot give us money but would still like to help us succeed then please, please follow our page on Facebook, and share our page with anyone and everyone you think would help support the University of Chichester Athletics Team! But otherwise please donate money and help Chi shine!

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