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What is formula student?

UoL Racing is a team of University of Leicester students from the Engineering Department and we are about to enter ‘Formula student’,  an international multi-event competition with over 100 university teams. The competition objective is to design, build and test a formula style race car in static design and dynamic race events. This presents us with opportunities to develop problem solving, team work and management skills as well as gaining valuable practical engineering experience.

What is our objective?

We are already in a fantastic position with all our designs completed and the manufacturing well on its way. At this moment in time, our objective is to complete the fabrication of our race car for the competition in July!   A truly ongoing and rewarding process with satisfaction around every corner as our designs materialize. However, to achieve our objective we need to raise money for equipment to finalise the build process and for ongoing maintenance.

What is our story?

UOL Racing is a family. Our 30 plus members are bound together by our common passion for motor racing, engineering and our determination to win. We pride ourselves in making no distinction between students of different courses or years. Our approach allows everyone to rise up to an invaluable role and challenge; something we know that has been pivotal to our success so far. We meet weekly creating a ‘hands on’ experience for everyone involved.

UOL Racing is going GREEN. We are a proud pure Electric team with a passion for racing, but most importantly we have the intention to be Eco-friendly and raise the profile of electric vehicles. As representatives showing that green can compete with combustion; we strive towards generating popularity and interest a-midst young engineers and the car racing fraternity

Where will the money go?

Here at UOL Racing we want you to know that we cannot finish this journey without your help, even though special care was taken to be as cost-effective as possible with our initial funds. There are still critical items that need to be purchased that we can no longer afford! 

The money raised will go towards the purchase of materials, components and outsourcing of more intricate parts. If we reach our target we can get the car ready weeks before the race, allowing us to complete vital pre-race checks and testing so we can make final adjustments before the race. 

Below we have attached a simple breakdown to show you what you could enable us to procure:

  1. Driver Safety Equipment - Budget £500
  2. Accumulator Isolation Relays - Budget £500
  3. Impact Attenuator - Budget £250
  4. Vehicle Transport Trailer - Budget £250
  5. External Manufacture of Complex Components  Budget £500

Grand Total =  £2000

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