Union of Brunel Students COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund

We need your support for Brunel's most vulnerable students during this difficult COVID-19 emergency.

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This project received pledges on Fri 01 May 2020

Many Brunel students have found themselves unexpectedly out of employment or unable to access basic educational equipment as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine measures. The Union of Brunel Students COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund appeal aims to support those students, at Brunel University London, who have been left in incredibly difficult and challenging circumstances.

We need your support for Brunel's most vulnerable students during this difficult time. By donating to our emergency hardship fund, or by sharing our appeal with others, you can make a huge difference to those students who are struggling to cope with the impact that the coronavirus outbreak is having on their lives.

Why we need your help today

The impact of the current outbreak on students struggling to cope financially has already been significant and will worsen over the coming months. Brunel has a very diverse student population, and a large number come from deprived areas or low-income backgrounds and are unable to access outside support. We also have over 3500 international students studying at Brunel and many of them, including our 1400 students from EU counties, have not been able to return home to their families and loved ones. These students now face real difficulties due to circumstances and costs they were not able to budget for. This fund aims to ensure that our most vulnerable and in need students are supported financially and protected against the damaging economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Any donation will help to support our students from a range of backgrounds: Students from low income backgrounds who are not able work and are running desperately short of funds to cover essentials, such as food and toiletries. Vulnerable students with unique needs and care requirements. International students who are unable to return home, meaning they are facing unexpected costs  Student parents who are continuing to study from home but lack access to essential services such as the internet. Postgraduate students who are now out of work and facing a shortfall in their income. The difference your donation can make There are many ways your donation could impact the lives of our students at this time. Below are a few ways your donation could have a big impact:

The collective support, from yourself and many others, will help us to support our most vulnerable and in need students. Your donations will help to cover the basic living costs of our students who are now without a job or other means of financial support.

Your donation could have a huge impact on a student’s wellbeing by:

  • Paying for essential supplies when working a job is no longer possible
  • Helping to cover the cost of bills for those living off campus
  • Provide access to learning resources and equipment, allowing our students to maintain remote study
  • Helping students and their family to avoid getting into debt due to stretched finances
  • Assisting students to access mental health and wellbeing services

Thank you to all our supporters!

A big thank you from everyone at Brunel, to all those who can support us by donating, and those who are able to share our appeal on social media. Your generosity ensures that we can continue to provide essential support to those students who really do need it the most in these unprecedented times.