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A short summary of your project

We are raising funds for a European tour, July 2020. 

Who are WE?

The University of Leicester Big Band is a student-run music group who perform jazz, funk and swing music across Leicester and beyond. Big Band has been a staple of the university's music scene for many years, and since 2017 we have branched out into venues around town, many of the University's society balls and events, local festivals, European festivals, weddings, and even at the Royal Albert Hall! Check out the attached video from Music for Youth 2018 - that background music is us!

OUR story

In 2018 we travelled to Belgium to perform in Brussels and Ghent as part of the annual Ghent Fest. The trip was an amazing experience for everyone, not only providing us the opportunity to perform to a much larger audience than before, but also giving our members a holiday they'll never forget. Music making is a truly rewarding hobby and a vital contribution to positive mental well-being. 

This year we plan to do return to mainland Europe for another tour, either in France, Belgium, Germany, or the Netherlands. We hope to perform 2 or 3 times over a 4 day stay, and take in the local music scene. 

By conducting this tour we will be bringing some of the musical talent from the University of Leicester to a more diverse audience. Music has a positive impact on performers and observers alike and we want to share that in a meaningful way. 

Where will the money go?

The money raised will go towards travel and accommodation costs, making it easier for our band members to participate. We wish to make sure money is not a obstacle. Any additional funds will go towards group trips during our time off, such as attending music performances or visiting cultural landmarks. We will provide updates as each stage of the trip is formalised so you can see what we're going to be getting up to!  

Any surplus funds will be reinvested back into the Big Band and Music Association's activities. 


All contributors to this fundraiser will be provided with a recording of a selection of Big Band tunes from our upcoming gig at the Blaby City Council fundraising event on February 27th, to be emailed as WAV and MP3 files.

Find us here

To find out more about Big Band find us on: 




University of Leicester Student Union 

Help us succeed!

We're really looking forward to going on tour! Your contributions will help make our trip more accessible, bigger and better. We know we have reached a large number of people at the university and beyond whilst playing in Leicester; if everyone we have played for donated even a couple of quid it would make a huge difference!