UoNBC: Race against the Sun

Cycling from Nottingham to Henley to fund a set of blades for our Men's 1st VIII

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This project received pledges on Sun 26 Mar 2017

On the 11th March we will set off at sunrise on our bikes from Nottingham, aiming to arrive at Leander Club in Henley before sunset, giving us just 11 and a half hours to cover 135 miles. The money raised will fund a new set of blades for our brilliant Men's 1st VIII to equip them for a very promising year ahead.

Why are we doing this?

In this inaugural fundraising cycling event we will look to raise the profile of the club, as we strengthen the position on the university and national stage that the club has gained over its history. To continue the improvement of the last few years we need to raise the quality of the equipment available to our growing squads. Combined with the help received already from the members and university, the funds gained from this project will take the club another step higher.

Why Henley?

The annual Royal Regatta in Henley is one of the most famous in the rowing world. As results at the regatta are one of our primary goals in the season, we thought it would be fitting to make this the destination!

How will your funding help us?

If we reach our minimum target of £2000, then we will be able to supplement this amount with our core funding for the year, as well as previous donations in the year, to purchase the blades we so desperately need! If we reach our target of £3000, we will be able to increase the number of students we can cater for, as well as improving the quality of the equipment that our athletes have available. Any money raised beyond this will be saved for future equipment purchases.

We are very thankful for any donation you can make - every little really does help.

While we would obviously appreciate your generous donations, you don't have to give us money to help us succeed. Sharing this project with other people, through social networks, emails, or just general conversation would greatly help us in attracting the hype we need for this project to be a success. Click the "Follow" button to receive notifications about the project as we post Updates, or click the "Become a Helper" button to spread the word about our project and track the amount of publicity you generate!

If you weren't already convinced: here are a few pictures of our adorable athletes