Ruddigore - A G&S Society Production

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Ruddigore - A G&S Society Production
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The University of Nottingham Student Union’s Gilbert & Sullivan Society presents our 2017 opera , Ruddigore. In order to bring our show to life, we are looking for donations, big and small, to make this year’s opera a success.

Who We Are

Established in 1973, we are the oldest musical theatre society at the University of Nottingham. A small but enthusiastic society, we attract a diverse group of students from a broad range of subjects.

From cast to orchestra, stage management to costume design and more, there are opportunities for anyone and everyone who wants to be involved. We pride ourselves on being a diverse group, with 23% of last year’s members coming from overseas. Our students study a broad range of subjects, including music, maths, medicine, and linguistics at both undergrad and postgrad level. Ultimately the aim of our society is to enjoy ourselves, while introducing the works of Gilbert & Sullivan to a wider audience.

What We Do

Each spring, we perform a light opera of Sir William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. Our 2016 production of HMS Pinafore drew an audience of over 400 theatre-goers, from Nottingham, the surrounding area, and further afield. We are keen to build on this success, and are aiming to improve the quality of our production, as well as increase our membership and audience. Our 2017 production of Ruddigore , a melodrama turned on its head, will push the boundaries of G&S theatre with a steampunk theme.

How Can You Help?

Staging a theatrical production involves a myriad of costs, from venue hire, to costumes, to printing. Your donations will allow us to purchase material for costumes, props, set, as well as to print marketing materials and programmes. All of this substantially improves our production and attracts a larger audience.

Reaching our minimum target will make a significant contribution to the costumes, which will be in steampunk style. Reaching our full target, however, will help cover a wide range of production costs and keep our ticket prices within a student budget, allowing us to perform for a larger audience.

In return for your support, we will email you regular updates on our progress alongside occasional videos and images of our preparations for the show.

Even a small donation makes a big difference to us, so please consider giving something even if it’s just £1. In addition, it would be great if you could share our project with anybody and everybody, either by word of mouth or social media. Particularly by going to the 'Network' tab and clicking 'Become a helper'.  We are really excited about this year’s show and would be incredibly grateful for your help to make Ruddigore a success.

Go to the Network tab and click the 'become a helper' to share this page with your family and friends.

Follow Us

We will be posting regular updates of our progress, socials, and the show itself on social media, particularly our Facebook page:

Further information on the Gilbert & Sullivan Society can be found here:

For more G&S related content, follow us on Twitter (@GnS_UoN), Instagram (@gilbertasullivan), and Tumblr (uongnssoc).

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Just week to go and we're well over our target! Thanks to everybody for your kind donations! This week our very own Frea, Katrina and Jamie (Director, Producer, and Sir Despard respectively) were interviewed at University of Nottingham's student Radio (URN) - you can have a listen here .

And finally, we have another 'Meet the Cast' for you all:

Character: Mad Margaret

Ruby says 'Med Margaret is, unsurprisingly, a very unpredictable character. I', already having fun scary people in rehearsals...'

Interesting fact: 'I was the director of last year's show, so I'm really excited to be back playing a role this year.'

Tickets are available at

4 months ago

We've reached our total this week! Thank you everybody for your donations and help promoting. This page is still open for donations for 2 more weeks, all donations - big and small - help us massively.

We're on the home straight now with rehearsals and super excited for the show - just 2 weeks until opening night!

Tickets are available from:

#throughlytiredofbeingadmired #gandyes

4 months ago

Meet the Cast #4

Meet the Cast #4

Character: Sir Despard

Played by: Jamie Goodliffe

“This is my first time on stage and I think Despard is a great character to begin with; I love his melodramatic villainy and I practise his evil laugh every morning for a quick pick-me-up.”

Interesting fact: “My fellow cast member Matt and I were quite probably in the same pub at the same time in Winchester a few years ago, but we never met each other until I joined the G&S society in October.”

#throughlytiredofbeingadmired #gandyes

4 months, 1 week ago

Meet the Cast #3 Character: Rose MaybudPlayed by: Grace Bale"Rose poses such an interesting character, and by her book of etiquette an interesting comment on the way that society works. As someone who has tried to not be ruled by societal expectation, Rose's obeying nature has been quite a challenge to portray."Interesting fact: "I am the youngest of 5 daughters, number 4 being named Rose herself."Show Dates: 5th-7th AprilBook here:

4 months, 1 week ago

Just £120 off our target now! Thank you everybody for your support :)

Meet the Cast #2

Character: Richard Dauntless

Played by: Michael Ellis

"I'm looking forward to playing Richard because his swashbuckling flirtatious nature will be an interesting new challenge for me to carry off on stage."

Interesting fact: "Despite stating specifically in the last show that I couldn't dance a hornpipe. I will be dancing one this show!"

Show dates: 5-7 April

Book here:

4 months, 2 weeks ago

To celebrate hitting our minimum target - the first of our 'Meet the Cast' series..

Chatacter: Robin Oakapple, modest farmer, too shy to tell Rose Maybud he loves her. Played by: Jon Salt, "I'm looking forward to playing a character that has such a dramatic contrast between his act 1 and act 2 personas, as it's an opportunity to really explore the character possibilities."Interesting fact: "I can ride a unicycle"Show dates: 5-7 AprilBook here:

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