2022 SuMoth Challenge

Design, build & race a Sustainable International Moth for the 2022 SuMoth Challenge

2022 SuMoth Challenge
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“We are convinced and inspired by the need for more sustainable and efficient sailboats designs”

Do you want to support a multidisciplinary engineering team that will represent the University of Southampton internationally in Lake Garda in 2022?

• Here is how:

You can help The University of Southampton SuMoth team to take part in the 2022 SuMoth Challenge and help them promote the use of sustainable materials and methods in the maritime industry! 

What is the SuMoth Challenge?

An international competition for students only, taking place in Lake Garda (Italy) in July 2022! The aim is to Design, Build & Race a sustainable International Moth, based on the 3 pillars of the Foiling WeekTM: accessibility, sustainability & safety.

• What is an International Moth?

The International Moth is currently the fastest single-handed sailing dinghy on the planet as it can reach speeds of 30 knots (55 km/h) by the means of the 2 foils under the hulls that help the boat flying over the water as shown below!

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• Why are we doing this?

This project is part of our final year master’s Group Design Project that enables us to apply our conceptual engineering and science knowledge to engineering design problems.

• What are these problems that we are trying to tackle?

            1) The constant increase of the carbon footprint within the maritime industry to consistently outperform previous moths, by using non-sustainable materials such as Carbon, Epoxy, non-recyclable foams, one-off consumables, etc.

             2) The lack of accessibility within the high-performance sailing industry. This area is usually seen as an expensive, niche, and only for highly skilled sailors.

• Our solutions:

“We believe that Sustainability can go together with High-Performance!”

The SuMoth Challenge, and the University of Southampton SuMoth team are convinced and inspired by the need for more sustainable and efficient sailboat designs, along with coherent manufacturing methods!

By combining our multidisciplinary knowledge based on Yacht, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering, we are aiming to prove that the use of sustainable materials is a solution to reduce the carbon footprint.

“We believe that design & innovation can improve accessibility”

By Design: The design process is where innovation and ideas are discovered, where weaknesses are improved and where materials are decided.

By Manufacturing:

This is when environmental sustainability comes into play, as natural fibres, recycled cores, and recyclable resins will be used. Several materials are being tested so that only the best materials are kept!

2nd hand parts are a viable solution that we look forward to using! This increases the use of recycled and upcycled materials.

By People: We believe that you, our team, and the SuMoth Challenge all together can make a substantial change in this area of the industry and change public opinions.

“If a team of 6 engineering students supported by public opinion can make a small change, the sailing industry can make a big change!”

We are aiming to share this project as much as possible to introduce high-performance sailing to many people! Accessibility is one of our main concerns, and we believe that design and innovation can massively improve this!

 • Our team:

(Bottom, left to right:)

Pin-Hong (Malaysia): Treasurer and Design Team 

Louis (France): Sales & Manufacture Manager

Hattie (UK): President & Skipper

(Top, left to right:)

Sebastian (Poland/Japan): Sustainability Officer

Finlay (UK): Secretary and Design Team

Edward (UK): Chief Technical Officer

• Why does this project need your financial help

The minimum amount will cover the upcycled parts and 2nd hand boat parts for the final fittings to have the boat ready to race. Additional funds will be used for the logistics, so that the team can go Lake Garda during the Foiling Week to compete in the SuMoth Challenge (Accommodation, transport, fees, etc.)

1) Materials: £800

     a) The materials we will be using cannot be revealed publicly. Thanks to our sponsors Matrix     Composites, a large number of the required materials will be provided. However, other raw     materials still need to be purchased! This will be mainly covered by the financial help coming     from the University of Southampton, we thank them again.

2) Upcycled & 2nd hand parts: £1,500

This includes sails, control system, mast, shrouds, ropes, etc. 

(We are aiming to have nothing brand new on our boat (except for the ropes) so we are trying to promote 2nd hand and upcycled parts. Also, due to time consideration and expertise, some parts of the boat won’t be manufactured by ourselves.)

3) Logistics (for 6 team members): 

    a) Return Plane/Train tickets to Lake Garda: £1,500

    b) Boat insurance: £300

    c) Shipping of our Moth to the competition: £2,000

    d) Accommodation (6 nights, 6 persons) in July 2022: £1,000

• How can you help us achieve our goal? 

If you want to join this adventure, if you want to see us compete in Lake Garda, in 2022 against other international universities, or if you believe we can all make a change in the sailing industry:

We have made things easy for you by creating a fantastic rewards scheme to thank you, whatever the amount you might give!

• Social media 

If you want to support us by sharing this crowdfunding, along with our social media pages:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CWVxk5kIRfU/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UoSSuMoth

• Thank you to our sponsors who already joined us in this adventure!