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Keep The Korf at Warwick

Help us bring a fantastic mixed sport to the University of Warwick!

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This project received pledges on Thu 22 Feb 2018

A short summary of your project

In September 2017, Warwick's first ever Korfball Club was started by one of Ireland's very own players! We’re now in need of £1000 to fund the hall hire for our training sessions but also for travel costs, league expenses and our own kit.

We can’t train if we don’t have access to a hall, so this money is vital to the survival of our club, which is already coming on leaps and bounds in its skill level!

With this money, we can make our mark on the West Midland’s Korfball League, build an identity for ourselves and start winning some games!

Can you help spread the Korf love?

What is korfball?

We are part of the only fair mixed sex sport in the world, which comes from The Netherlands and is growing in the UK.

Each team is comprised of 8 players - 4 male and 4 female. Each team works together in defending and attacking positions to pass the ball down the court and score a goal by shooting it through the Korf (basket). The team with the most goals wins! The sport is a fantastic showcase of skill, athletic ability and teamwork.

However, being practically unheard of and with the limited funding that starter clubs receive, we are at a serious disadvantage. Our fantastic club is in desperate need of some support to get it off the ground and flourishing.

our story

We are starting Warwick’s first ever Korfball club because it is a fantastic, equality-driven game which deserves more promotion in the UK and the best way to do this…is play!

The sport is huge for gender equality and brings an exciting game play to the UK offering something different in terms of skills and tactics than can be found in other sports. It is our dream to become a thriving club on campus and one that everyone can be involved in and enjoy!

By donating money to us it shows that you understand the benefits of diversifying sporting experience and also in the recognition of gender equality in sports. This is a game that everyone can play and that is why it is so important and needs more endorsement – imagine helping to break down the stigma in difference between female and male sporting ability!

Where will the money go?

If we manage to hit our minimum target, all of that money will be going towards the cost of hiring the sports hall which we train in every week.

If we are lucky enough to hit our full target, we will be putting that money towards our travel costs (to competitive games), kit costs and league expenses, as well as our hall hire as stated above.

Any extra funds which are raised will be invested into extra equipment such as balls and bibs for training. Additionally we can throw more into marketing, such as providing leaflets and running free taster sessions for more people to try out the sport. We also have contacts with professional players who we could recruit to run special sessions. Finally, we would love to be able to take players to see professional league one matches, something else we could organise given enough funding.

Our cost breakdown, simply put, looks a little something like this:

  • Venue hire (once a week for 10 weeks): £700
  • Travel (van hire and petrol/per term): £100-200
  • Kit costs: TBC - estimated to be between £50-100


We would love to give anyone who donates more than £250 some grateful promotion on our kit providing we hit our £1000 target!

All businesses who support us will receive a shout out on our social media pages to help boost that publicity we all love and want!

We have some other great rewards to thank everyone who donates to our page- check them out!

Find us here

Facebook: www.facebook.com/UoWKC/

Twitter: @UoWKorfball

Instagram: uowkorf

Where you can find regular updates on the club’s progress! Follow us to find out how we’re doing!

Help us succeed!

You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.

In fact, share it with everyone you know!

And although you don't need to give money to help us, we'd love it if you did!

So please sponsor the university's Korfball Club and help us to

Keep The Korf at Warwick!