The Vice-Chancellor's Fund November 2017

Overcoming Adversity, Learning to Succeed

The Vice-Chancellor's Fund November 2017
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About the Vice-Chancellor's Fund

The Vice-Chancellor’s Fund was launched in 2010 to provide bursaries to deserving students whose studies and university experience would benefit from increased financial support. Driven by Professor Dominic Shellard, the Vice-Chancellor's Bursary reflects his personal interest in the welfare, ambition and potential of all our students and has been supported by senior staff, Board members, alumni and friends of the University, including the Vice-Chancellor himself.

Why is this Important?

We all recognise that higher education has the potential to lay strong and lifelong foundations for the future and is one of the greatest investments a young person will ever make. Equally, we will recognise that, for some students, difficult situations in their personal lives can severely disrupt their education. The Vice-Chancellor's Bursary has helped students to succeed in times of hardship, both in education and life outside of university. The small gesture of this award has had a big impact in being able to assist students with paying bills, buying course materials and accessing support networks.

Facts and figures

Over the last two academic years over 400 students have applied for support from the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund. Many of these students have been in desperate situations, with their studies being dramatically affected as a consequence. The fund was able to provide a full bursary to 22 applicants, and a part bursary to 60 others, making a real difference to their educational experience at DMU.

Whilst we are delighted to have supported so many students, almost 80% of the applications were unsuccessful, not due to lack of need, but due to a shortfall in the funds available.

Why do we need your help?

The participation of University staff in contributing to this cause is extremely important: as important, indeed, as meeting our overall financial goal. This element of our campaign for the VC’s Fund will provide a valuable spring-board to broadening our fundraising appeal to our wider community of alumni and non-alumni supporters, as an an important demonstration of an institutional ‘family’ commitment to supporting students in need.

Every gift made from within DMU counts. Regardless of size, your contribution to the Vice-Chancellor’s Fund will make a powerful statement to alumni, foundations and other, external donors who look for strong participation from the University community as they make their own decisions about giving.

How You Can Help

You can, of course, make a personal gift (either a single donation or direct debit) to the Vice-Chancellor's Fund. However, you and a group of friends and colleagues could make a collective gift aimed at supporting a student. A donation of just £10 each from a group of 16 staff, with 25% added value through Gift Aid, would provide a part bursary of £200 to a student in need.

The only gift that is too small is no gift at all. We hope you can help.