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Overcoming Adversity, Learning to Succeed

Vice-Chancellor's Fund
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ABOUT The Vice-chancellor's fund

The Vice-Chancellor’s Fund was launched in 2010 to provide bursaries to deserving students whose studies and university experience would benefit from increased financial support. Driven by De Montfort University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dominic Shellard, the Vice-Chancellor's Bursary reflects his personal interest in the welfare, ambition and potential of all our students and receives support from senior staff, board members, alumni and friends of the university, including the Vice-Chancellor himself.


Higher education has the potential to lay strong and lifelong foundations for the future and is one of the greatest investments a young person will ever make. For some students, however, difficult situations in their personal lives can severely disrupt their education. The Vice-Chancellor's Bursary has helped students to succeed in times of hardship, both in education and life outside of university. The small gesture of this award has had a big impact in being able to assist students with paying for bills; buying course materials and accessing support networks.


Students like Fatima , who became estranged from her family after refusing an arranged marriage. The emotional and financial impact of her actions led to an emotional breakdown which began to affect her studies .

“Despite the pressure I am experiencing at the moment, I have pushed myself to come back to university and pass the exam that I have failed. I am full of life and I know there is a lot more in this world than to be tied down to someone I don’t want to be with…”

Another recipient, Bethany, had to undergo multiple surgeries during her 1st and 2nd year at DMU due to a serious accident. Despite these setbacks Bethany persevered with her studies and is on track to get a 1st Class degree this summer.

“The support I have received  will help me in achieving 1st in Business and Management by providing the opportunity to pay for my bills, buy the textbooks for my 3rd year and will help to leave the health issues in the past”

How can you help

These awards are only possible thanks to philanthropic donations to the University from alumni, staff and friends. Unfortunately, due to funds available, for every student that we are able to support, another 10 apply and have to be turned down.

A gift today of £1000 would provide a full bursary for a deserving student, providing them with encouragement and inspiration, and a better chance of fulfilling their potential. Whatever you are able to give will be enormously appreciated.