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Giants Needed! Help me get my Masters in Architecture & Historic Preservation @ Columbia University!

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A short summary of MY TALL DREAMS

I have never been one to take the easy route or the lazy way out; from achieving excellent results at school, to representing my country at the JKA Karate World Cup in Japan - my current endeavour is no different!  I have chosen to help cover the cost of my first year of Masters tuition at Columbia University in New York City, through this fundraising project. Not only will a successful target help ease my financial load; it will make the final outcome that much sweeter too! My target amount is $82,538! And although this is no small feat, I know that my passion for the field, nurtured by an Ivy League education and the opportunities it presents, will have far reaching effects internationally - if I have anything to do with it.  The great pleasure and life changing experience I will get out of it is an added plus!

Who am I?

I am Valentina Flora Angelucci, a 24 year old student of Architecture from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have completed four years of architectural education thus far; 14 months work experience in the field, and have attended and participated in various conferences and programs both locally and abroad. This forthcoming endeavour, achieving a Dual Masters at Columbia, has been a life long dream which is finally coming to fruition.  I hope YOU will be a part of it! 

My Story

- What I'm doing and why?

This September I will be commencing a 4 year Dual Masters in Architecture and Historic Preservation. This 4 year program will prepare me for professional practice within my field; tailoring my skills to address the many challenges and opportunities facing young architects and preservationists in an ever changing urban landscape.

- This is important to me because...

As one of the top Architecture schools in the USA, Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation is my candy store and I'm the crazy kid running around inside. From excellent facilities; the Avery Library (the largest architecture library in the world!) to top educators and exposure to  renowned practitioners in the field (I met Daniel Libeskind!), Columbia is everything I've dreamed of and more. Having had this as a long time goal, I am giddy with excitement to get this journey under way. The Architecture program boasts a huge array of classes, allowing me to pursue diverse streams of interest such as robotics and fine arts. While the Preservation program, the first such program in the USA, equips students to critically analyse and understand what it means to be an old building in a modern world, and how to deal with it appropriately. This dual program will give me a comprehensive understanding of the urban fabric of the past combined with the innovation of the present, helping me manifest the ideals I believe in. Getting to pursue my dreams at an institution like this is a once in a lifetime, invaluable opportunity and I intend to squeeze every drop out of it! 

- Why this should inspire you...

I believe I should be sponsored because I have an incredible love and passion for what I do.  I also have the tenacity and determination to see my dreams realised no matter the cost. I believe I'm tangible proof that a person can realise their dreams no matter their background and circumstance. 

On a bigger level, I aspire to be an architect of public space; spaces that encourage growth, inspire change and provoke thought. I believe in the power of architecture and the built environment to influence and shape the lives of those who inhabit it. So you will not only be supporting my dream education, but the growth and change I wish to galvanise through my practice. 

Where will the money go?

Reaching this target is of critical importance to me, not only because it is a great achievement in itself but because it is further testament to my determination to achieve my dream, no matter what it takes. This opportunity is life changing and I am committed to see it through. In the pursuit of this, to help myself, I have also taken on various holiday jobs and am commercialising my art projects. Sponsorship of me and my cause is further proof that we can all attain our most far flung dreams no matter where we come from. My project is confirmation that no matter what your aspirations are they are valid and they can be achieved. 

The target amount will be broken down as follows (as estimated by Columbia University for the 2015/2016 year):

- Tuition (2 semesters) - $50,880

- Commute - $1,512                                                                      

- Books - $3,250

- Fees (University Facilities and Health Services) - $4,776

- Personal (Incl. Medical Aid)  - $4,032

- Living - $18,088

Any extra funds raised above my target will go towards the following 3 years of my education. 

Updates will be given weekly during the course of the campaign, from my work, my adventures and the rewards that are offered to you!


If you need more enticement to sponsor me I am also offering some awesome rewards, even if I do say so myself! These rewards serve as a HUGE thank you to all my sponsors! Here is more detail on the various categories. Images of the rewards will be posted in the updates.

$5 - You will receive a digital copy of an interactive card I've designed, thanking you for being my GIANT!

$15 - Set of 5 greeting cards & envelopes featuring with my own artwork/architecture plans + the above.

$25 - Mini DIY model kit to build one of my undergrad architecture designs - a Performing Arts Centre OR a Museum of Human Rights.  Models are packaged flat and are approximately 15 x 15 x15 cm once assembled.

$100 - Print of original artwork uniquely hand finished - Sponsors will be sent 1 of 5 segments of my rendition of the map of Manhattan (or try collect them all!) + the set of 5 greeting cards.

$500 - I will give you a personally guided tour to and through Columbia University and my favourite places in NYC or Johannesburg! (travel expenses are your own) + ALL of the above.

Images and video

Photos, videos and articles will be posted in my weekly updates. This will include my acceptance letters, visuals of the rewards as well as past and current work.  Other interesting things, too!

Find us here

To see some of my work, architecture and art, visit my page valentinafloraangelucci.tumblr.com or follow me on Instagram @valentinaflora where I will be posting on both my work and my adventures. You can also drop me an email at angelucci.valentina@gmail.com

Help Me Succeed!

For me to achieve and surpass my goal ALL & ANY help is appreciated! From the smallest donation to spreading the word on your networks (family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers!) I will be so grateful! You'll get a kick out of helping someone else and you'll get an awesome reward too! Please sponsor my dream, be my GIANT and help me to become the Very Feisty Architect I intend to be!