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Helping children who have limited or no access to education

WHAM Project
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Completion Date: Mon 31 Dec 2012

The WHAM Project (Wisdom, Humanity, Academic, and Movement) is an independent charity, whose aim is to enrich education, in areas where there is limited or no access to a rounded education. Originally founded in 2010, we have grown with the help from a small group of volunteers consisting of both University students and industry professionals. Our work starts with the improvement of a pre-existing school in Iraqi Kurdistan.


We are raising money to help fund our project of improving an existing school in in the small village of Kele Xaware (pronounced Chill-lah Kha-waar-eh) in Kurdistan. We desperately need donations as our project is coming to vital stage and we need all the support we can.


The school, like many others in the area, was built by local people and is itself fairly underdeveloped; it is currently a bungalow structure with 8 rooms. They only use 6 of these rooms as teaching rooms and due to the lack of space the school days are split. Primary education use in the morning between 8am and 1pm and Secondary education use the classrooms between 1pm – 5pm. It has one toilet block and as water is extremely limited in the area, the school only receives sanitised water roughly once every 4 days.


Your donations will help pay for supplies and equipment to help develop the school, and also allow the children to have sanitation and enough space to learn.


We thank you in advance for your kind donation.