World Humanitarian Day - WHD Bristol 2017

'World Humanitarian Day' symposim to support those who respond to crisis

World Humanitarian Day - WHD Bristol 2017
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Completion Date: Mon 01 May 2017


Every day, humanitarians stand on the front lines of war and disaster, braving tremendous dangers and difficulties to deliver assistance to those who need it most. The number of aid workers killed in service has risen over recent years and there is growing recognition of the need to support the mental health of humanitarians and to promote their well-being after they experience traumatic events.

World Humanitarian Day  ( 19th August) was designated by the UN General Assembly, to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. It recognises the contribution made by individuals who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and mobilizes people to advocate for humanitarian action.

My Story

At university I studied disaster management and later entered into humanitarian work. I discovered first hand how challenging responding to crisis can be and how it often has a personal impact on those involved. Many of my friends have suffered personal injury or a negative impact on their mental health. I have also seen that the contribution made by local responders is often forgotten and marginalised.

I am organising a symposium to raise awareness of the challenges faced by humanitarian responders and to recognise the contribution made by 'hidden humanitarians', local communities, women and young people who often respond but rarely receive recognition.

I am asking for funds to support the planning of the symposium, but proceeds from the symposium itself, will be split between three organisations which are committed to helping humanitarian responders.

An Insight


On Sat 19th of August we hope to hold a symposium, with talks from expert speakers and humanitarians.

This event will offer opportunity to highlight the important contribution made by humanitarian responders and why support humanitarian workers is vital. It is also an opportunity to celebrate and support hidden humanitarians. Those who make significant contributions to humanitarian response, but who are often not recognised. Bristol is a city with a large diaspora community and an increasing amount of international charities / NGOs who have responded, and continue to respond, to humanitarian crises.


Ladders4Action is supporting World Humanitarian Day (WHD) events. We are a non-profit organisation who is committed to helping humanitarian Change-Makers

What Your  Donations Will Be Used For

They money raised will help us to organise this symposium

  • Room hire
  • Travel & expenses for speakers
  • Marketing & publicity
  • Event management
  • Refreshments


  • The money raised here will help us to organise the WHD Symposium
  • The funds raised from the symposium will be used to support group work and trauma counselling for humanitarian aid workers in Kenya and the UK


  • Discounted symposium tickets
  • First invites to the symposium
  • A thanks on our website and within the symposium information pack



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