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Help Sarah get to the World Ultimate Championships!

I will be playing at the U24 Ultimate World Championships! I hope you're as excited as I am!

Help Sarah get to the World Ultimate Championships!
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This project received pledges on Sat 13 Jul 2019

Where I'm Going

Hi, I'm Sarah and in trying to raise £500 to help get to Heidelberg for the Under 24 World Ultimate Championships. I will get to play against world renowned players, develop my own skills and work really hard for this really brilliant team!

Where I've Been

I started playing Ultimate at Durham University just 3 years ago. I started by playing for my college team Phoenix Knights and was inspired by them to join the University team. I quickly realised I could (and do) play frisbee every day off the week and never get bored, I was in love! 

What am I actually taking about?

So you might not know what Ultimate Frisbee is, I didn't 3 years ago! You just throw the disc between the 7 players in your team and catch it in an end zone to score. The other team tries to stop you. You can't run with it, there's no contact allowed and most uniquely, there is no umpire. The players umpire the game so Spirit of the Game is very important.

My Journey

I have been training with the GB under 24 women since November and we're ready to take World's by storm! I'm really proud of how much I have improved as a player since our journey began and I feel ready for whatever a week long tournament can throw at me. I've been having "no zero days" and endeavour to do something each day that will help me to be the best that I can be when the tournament arrives. The team have played warm-up tournaments in Italy and Ireland where I got my first experience of international frisbee. I want to bring back all that experience and inspire other women to start playing Ultimate in the UK! Where is the money going? Donations will help me cover the cost of travel to trainings and tournaments, tournament entry fees, kit and accommodation. The cost breakdown estimated by UK Ultimate looks something like this: Grey College are providing match funding up to the first £500 raised. You can find updates on the team's progress at: https://m.facebook.com/gbu24women/?tsid=0.2833164783204942&source=result