From Himalayan Foothills to the University of Oxford

We’re all in this Together...

From Himalayan Foothills to the University of Oxford
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A Journey from Himalayan Foothills to the University of Oxford… We Continue.

Hot summer afternoon of 1999 in a small valley town in the foothills of Himalayas. With effervescent energy riding high on my bicycle, I’ve just arrived home to see my father in joyous pride hugging my elder sister. A-levels result were just published in the local newspaper and my sister has topped the town with the highest marks in Dehradun. The first question my father asked her, “what do you want to do in future?” Instantaneously she replied, “I want to study at the University of Oxford”. Perhaps it didn’t seem to be a long shot at that young age full of dreams. But life is full of bewilderment and instead, she embarked on a successful corporate career. This was my first encounter with the University of Oxford’s name by my town topper sister when back then I was not even close to her academic achievements, rather had my fair share of respect as a gully boy cricketer. Yet, it cemented an aspiration which kept looming during my last 20 years of career. Fast forward-->2020. Amidst these challenging times, the letter I received a few days ago has me this Ichi-go Ichi-e feeling. With my humble beginnings from a small town in foothills of the Himalayas to the Oxford, has come with twenty years of continuous work in progress, self-belief and learning from experience. In the current times of rising global threats of military, cyber disinformation and internet harms, we must need to de-escalate such tensions to allow peace and prosperity to prevail. Diplomatic Studies Programme at the Oxford would help me understand the new ways of such shifting dynamics of the international landscape, a landscape marked by emerging centres of influence, but also by non-traditional, even non-state actors, and the unprecedented challenges and opportunities created by globalisation. As my career transitioned from merchant maritime to defence maritime domain, I developed a strong interest and understanding in international shipping and maritime disputes given the recent incident in gulf waters (Strait of Hormuz) where how effectively the Royal Navy and the allied Navies responded to the threats to the Merchant vessels in keeping the global economy afloat. The selection criterion was extremely competitive, with only 30 available seats and diplomats applying from all around the world. In the new age of digital disruption, DSP Programme at the University of Oxford would empower me to understand and tackle the future challenges of the cognitive impact of such digital transformation, further develop my intellectual honesty, independence of thought and enable me to exercise unprejudiced enquiry in the nature of things and truth. This I believe would be very instrumental for me to add value to the most pressing international issues we face at the global stage. The deadline is tight, but I am hopeful that we can raise the funds if this campaign reaches to the right people. The course fee alone is £24,910 plus the maintenance and living cost. I would be on unpaid leave and have a young family to look after. I am a Qualified ISO 9001 Auditor, Masters in Maritime Law and a proud Public Servant who embrace transparency, trust, integrity and professionalism. Thank you in advance for your consideration! With your help, we’re one step closer to a safe, peaceful and prosperous world for the generations to come. By the virtue of which, I am confident and committed to play my part in the national and international cross-cutting strategic partnerships, international security, global economic development and climate change. We’re all in this Together... Thanking you all in anticipation. Stay safe and healthy. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions. It’ll be my pleasure. Kind regards,Your's ayeAkash