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We Who Fall

A dramatic three part retelling of one of the oldest stories known to man: Lucifer's fall from grace

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Completion Date: Sat 24 Mar 2018

Our aim

Fire and Iron Productions are looking to raise around £10,000+ to fund our next project 'We Who Fall' Due to be released in 2019.

Who are WE?

Fire and Iron Productions is a film company based in Southend On Sea, started in April 2017 by East 15 Acting and Stage Combat students Peter Turner and Marcus Wood, seeking to provide opportunities in narrative film-making for up and coming talent.

Since its founding last year, Fire and Iron Productions have produced 2 short films, with others in development, written several scripts, provided students with a variety of roles in both production and company management and have been approached by a number of high profile parties in both the film and music industry.


We will be producing an original 3 part dramatic series, based around Lucifer's decline from heavens most glorious archangel to one of the most feared and hated beings known to mankind. This will be a new challenge for Fire and Iron as it will be the largest project, to date,that we will have taken on- a challenge we readily welcome! Our minimum budget will allow us to achieve the technical aspects of production i.e. Equipment, Transport, Costume etc. However as we approach our intended target of £10,000 we hope to increase the production value to be of an even more professional standard and, budget allowing, to provide our hardworking cast and crew with a wage as they are currently working on a voluntary basis.

This is a real opportunity for Fire and Iron to show the world what we can do with a proper budget and eager fresh talent, working both on camera and behind it. The casting for this project is non specific emphasizing once again our endeavor to provide work for people from all walks of life.

In an industry where funding is systematically reduced, your backing will help us to support a new generation of artists.

Where will the money go?

Our minimum target, £3500, would allow us to acquire the remaining needed equipment, as well as covering transport costs, costume, props, etc. The list below is a rough breakdown of our minimum budget.

  • Audio Equipment: £500
  • Camera rigging: £1000
  • Costume and Makeup: £200
  • Props and Weaponry: £300
  • Lighting and Camera Accessories: £800
  • Location Hire Expenses: £200
  • Travel (Fuel Money/Van hire etc): £500

Both during the campaign and throughout production, we will be updating everyone on our progress via our social media outlets (See below).

If we manage to hit our target we will also be able to provide a minimum wage to our actors and crew. Anything over that will be allocated to increasing that wage and more budget/higher quality for the areas listed above.


Those who donate £5+ will be provided with a wide array of Fire and Iron rewards ranging from credit mentions, pens, t-shirts even cameo appearances in the production itself!

Even if you give £1 we will be incredibly grateful for your contribution in helping us achieve our goal.


Check out our campaign video here: https://youtu.be/1TXyf0iGCCI

Find us here

To keep up to date on the progress of our campaign and for sneak peaks on the production itself, Follow us on:

Facebook @ Fire and Iron Productions

Instagram @fireandironproductions

Twitter @fireandironfilm