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so where is the heart?

'Where the Heart Is' is a new play by Really! Theatre, premiering at Camden Fringe in August 2022. Exploring the eternal themes of belonging, love, family, and what it means to find your home, 'Where the Heart Is' is a funny, heart-breaking, and surreal tale devised entirely by the company. It features an original script, original music, and an original take on what it means to belong, be it to a place, a person, a career, or a family.

With a queer love story at its heart (pun intended!), 'Where the Heart Is' seeks to challenge the predominant narratives about making the 'right' choices in one's life.

Originally performed as a 20-minute scratch as part of MAP Fest 2021 at East 15's Corbett Theatre, 'Where the Heart Is' has been in development for over a year now.

Camden Fringe is a renowned fringe festival showcasing the new talents of theatre. It is an excellent opportunity to present our work, and we have many great ideas for 'Where the Heart Is'. As we're reaching the final stages of our project, we're turning to you to ask for your support!

Really! Theatre

Really! Theatre is a company of six East15 MA Acting graduates. Really! Theatre celebrates diversity and is made up of individuals from a variety of genders, nationalities, languages, accents, and socioeconomic backgrounds. What unites us is a shared passion for honest and real theatre making. We seek to tell stories that are important to us and to our audiences.

Where will the money go?

The money we raise will cover what we need for our run at Camden Fringe, at Etcetera Theatre from 23-25th August. We love clear and efficient storytelling, so we are keeping our set design as minimal as possible, but to fully transport the audience into our magical world we still need some things:

Minimum Goal

  • £260 for Venue fees
  • £100 for Camden Registration fee
  • £105 for Venue Technician
  • £470 for Costume
  • £240 for Set and Props
  • £155 for Transportation (van hire & petrol)

stretch Goal

  • £90 for Marketing Materials (printing posters, flyers, and programmes, all of which will be designed in house to save on costs)
  • £100 for a Photographer (for marketing materials and portfolios)
  • £140 for a Preview Night
  • £75 for a Rehearsal with the Venue Technician
  • £265 for Rehearsal Spaces

Any extra funds will be reinvested into the future life of the project and company.


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