We want to be Sphero Heroes!

Raising money to buy Sphero sets to improve coding at Ysgol Mynydd Isa in North Wales.

We want to be Sphero Heroes!
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This project received pledges on Wed 18 Jul 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 575

Age of students: 3-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 9.8%


About us

We are a large, split-site primary school in North Wales. We have 2 nursery classes, 8 infant classes, 10 junior classes and a Language Resource Centre at both sites!

Who is this for?

This would benefit our whole school as we could move the Spheros between the two sites. We would like to use them across a range of subjects to enhance pupils' digital skills.

Why do we want it?

We feel that the Spheros will engage and inspire all learners, enable them to develop their coding skills and prepare them for life in a fast-developing digital world. Being a very large school, we timetable the use of our ICT resources to ensure all pupils have access to the resources we have, but we are feeling the effects of further budget cuts. Spheros will help us to cover the Welsh Digital Competence Framework which becomes statutory in 2021. We feel that the Spheros will provide good value for money because they will appeal to a wide range of ages and learning styles. We believe that working practically with them will engage pupils who find screen-based coding difficult to connect with. Spheros will enable them to see their programming  come to life across a range of subjects. We are particularly excited about developing pupils' numeracy skills, oracy work, science enquiry skills and art work using the Spheros.


If we are only able to raise limited funds, we would like to buy:

Total = £1,439.88 (incl. VAT & Delivery)

Stretch Target

Ideally, we would like to buy a pack of 12 Spheros:

  • 1 x 12 set of Sphero SPRK+ and a power pack @ £1738.20

https://store.sphero.com/products/sprk-plus-power-pack Quote above from Western Computer (www.western.co.uk)


Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways! Share this project with anyone you think would support us. Share the link at the top of the page on Twitter, Facebook, email, your website, blog, mention us in a phone call or even just a chat over the fence! Please support us and help make a difference to our students.