Professional Profile Experience - Berlin

Help me to gain professional experience in a different culture and country.

Professional Profile Experience - Berlin
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Completion Date: Thu 10 Sep 2015

What is this all about?

I am a student at Coventry University, studying BA (Hons). Digital Media. Every year the university gives students the opportunity to go abroad and work with professionals in different countries and expand my knowledge not only within the media industry but also different professionals from different parts of the world.

Who am i?

I am a Digital Media Student at Coventry University. I have loved graphics and design from college during a couple of my units, this brought my passion out more so I decided to teach myself with all the different types of software, taking a few more years out of education and re-evaluating my self and what I wanted to do in my future, I decided to head back to uni and Coventry University was the best out of the few I looked at. 

What is the money for?

The money gained from this will help me pay towards the whole trip for myself to gain the professional experience around the world.