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This project received pledges on Mon 25 Jul 2016

The original campaign was initially to raise money for myself and friend to get to advertising school, however due to personal circumstances Jodie is no longer able to attend and has deferred her place for a year. I am still as keen as ever to start in September though! We were both lucky enough to earn dream places at the worlds best advertising school - School of Communication Arts, where a staggering 3,500 people are interviewed for 36 places on offer. I am now raising £25,000 to help me get there. 


I have faced different challenges in life that have brought out the best in me, made me stronger and shaped me into the young person I am today. I live in a council flat in Essex and graduated from Colchetser School of Art last year with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. It wasn’t one of the major universities so this meant we had to make our own contacts and work really hard to prove ourselves against others.

Beating the odds is something i have always challenged to do - there was a 1% chance of getting offered a place on the course. I grew up in foster care and have always strived to beat the statistics and the success rate of kids who grew up in the system. I count myself as being extremely lucky, i have big dreams and ambitions but they are not out of reach. I know I am capable of reaching these with focus, determination and a little bit of a kick-start.



The School of Communication Arts is the most awarded advertising/portfolio school in the world. Winning a place is difficult as the amount of applicants reaches into the thousands. The course fits 3 years worth of projects and briefs into 12 months, followed by 6 months of placements in one of the world’s best advertising agencies. There is no formal qualification given so getting student loans is not an option but the experience, awards and contacts that are gained during are priceless. 



The course is intensive and current students have said getting paid work whilst at the school is not an option. Below you can see a breakdown of how your generosity will help me. I am more than likely going to have to give up my council home which is a huge thing as it gave me the security I needed but if I want to go to the school I will have to go privately - this means my rent will triple from what i currently pay.

Tuition Fees -                   £7,500   

Accommodation -            £9,000       (London rent)

Equipment costs -           £1,000       (software, books and equipment)

Move to London -            £2,500       (deposit on accommodation and move)

Living Costs  -                  £4,000       (food, utility bills, travel etc.)  

Paypal/ Stripe Fees -       £1000        (fees from donations if target is reached)

(The above amounts are estimates for 18 months)



I believe in doing the most with your life and have only got where I am by fighting for it.  I want to see things and go to places, knowing that I did everything in my power to become the best version of myself. Creative thinking has got me over many hurdles, its where I go to get away from life struggles. I don't want my upbringing and social/ financial status to get in the way of that. Asking for help is hard for me but I wouldn't be asking unless I really needed it. If you can't donate, then don't worry, just showing your support means a great deal to me!