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Completion Date: Fri 01 Feb 2019


What is #AfricatoAerospace?

  • I am Brenda Wanjiru King’ong’o, an aerospace engineering undergraduate from Kenya.
  • I have completed three out of the four years of my degree but do not have the funds to complete my final year.
  • Since I didn't have the funds, I had to return home and have been working hard to save money over the past year but still do not have enough.
  • I’m raising £14,000 to help me complete my undergraduate studies at the Middle East Technical University in Cyprus.
  • Please take a chance on me and believe in a girl who dares to dream.

Where will the money go?

The total cost required to complete my degree is £14,000, which includes my tuition fees for three semesters and living costs.

I have a scholarship, which will cover 25% of my tuition fees for two semesters. 

  • When I hit the minimum of £4,000 I will use it to pay for my tuition fees, accommodation and maintenance fee for one semester.
  • When I hit the full target, I will use the funds for the further two semesters required to complete my undergraduate degree.
  • In the event that the project raises extra funds, these will be used to start me on my way to achieving a graduate degree.


My name is Brenda Wanjiru King’ong’o, the last born of three. When I was a small girl, I was always reassembling things such as phones, toys basically anything I could dismantle and assemble which earned me a scolding from my mother. When I got to high school my interests narrowed to planes. The whole concept of how they work fascinated me and I realized that aerospace engineering is my dream career.

My mother has always wanted my siblings and I to have the best education and she has sacrificed a lot of her finances to ensure this happens, despite being a single parent. Being frequently sent away from school due to incomplete fees was a concept I was all too familiar with. However, this did not deter me from my goal but instead motivated me to work even harder so that I can provide a better life for my family and the community – especially those undergoing financial difficulties.

We were excited when we heard about Middle East Technical University North Cyprus Campus from Uniserv, and the fact that we could get a 25% scholarship based on a good SAT Math score. The school was willing to invest in me and this really motivated me to do my best once I joined the university. For the first 3 years my mother took loans to pay for my education. She is still working to complete the loan payments while trying to get more to cater for my education. It is becoming more and more difficult because my twin brother just joined university and he requires a huge amount of about 7,000 euros per year but currently he’s been forced to defer due to lack of fees. In addition, my elder sister just finished her degree in architecture from the University of Nairobi but is not able to graduate because of a pending fee balance of 10,000 US dollars. My mother has tried to find more funds but to no avail.

All of this has been so strenuous to my mother and as a result she became very ill and was diagnosed with depression last year. This was quite costly, and we had to move from our two-bedroom rental house to a small single room where the bed and kitchen are all in one room. It has been quite difficult for my family and I.

I have successfully completed my third year and would like to finish my degree but as it is, there is no way my mother can afford it. My last semester was so challenging that I was forced to discontinue because I do not have the finances to cater for my education.

Normally, every semester I would appeal to the school Registrar’s office to allow me to attend class despite having not paid tuition fees, with the promise that it would be paid before the end of the semester. However, on this said semester the money could not be raised, and I therefore appeared as an unregistered student in the school system. This has affected my set time of completing school within the four years since some of the courses I would have taken last semester are vital to the completion of the remaining courses. The extra school time means more fees to be paid – money that is becoming impossible to raise.

In my second and third year the university awarded me a maintenance scholarship of 250 Turkish Lira when school is in session, which I apply for at the beginning of every academic year. I am thankful for being able to acquire this scholarship due to the dire situation of my family’s finances. However, in the my last semester before having to leave, I had to look for jobs to raise money as I was not awarded the above scholarship due to being an unregistered student when the yearly applications were being made. To get the learning materials from the school system the fees must be fully paid. As a result, I had to rely on my classmates, which proved to be very difficult because they found it cumbersome and inconvenient to share their materials. It became very difficult to study effectively. I tired to talk to my lecturers to access the learning materials but it later became impossible because I am not registered for their course.

I remember quite a memorable lecture I had last semester where two of my lecturers shared an amazing experience they had while flying. They calculated the lift ratio and estimated the weight of the plane without any prior information regarding the plane. As it turns out my lecturers gave a weight estimate that had a minimum marginal error compared to the actual weight. Unfortunately, this was my last lecture after being informed that I could not proceed with the semester due to lack of fees. Both lecturers are alumni of Middle East Technical University; this fascinated me and reminded me that I will not give up on pursuing my bachelor’s degree in such a highly esteemed school.

In conclusion, the reason for this story is to kindly request for your help to facilitate the completion of my studies. It is my dream to be among the pioneering female aerospace engineers in Africa, which will enable me to create a platform that impacts real change in this field.


Email: pinkingciru@gmail.com

Facebook: Brenda King

Instagram: ciru_king

A link to a short video about me.


In Kenya, the Aerospace Engineering industry is not well developed and this motivates me even more because one day I would like to contribute to this industry. This is why achieving my dream of being an Aerospace Engineer is so important to me. Helping me raise funds to get back to school will be a worthy cause to humanity, as it will make a positive difference to the world.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support me.

All I’m kindly asking is for you to take a chance and believe in a girl who dares to dream.

Thank you.