Student adventures in virtual reality

Using tomorrow's technology to enthuse exciting learning today!

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Completion Date: Fri 14 Jul 2017

Key stats

% of students on pupil premium at our school: 16.1% (across our network is higher)

Number of students this will benefit: 202 (plus over 1000 in neighbouring schools)

Age of students: 5 - 12


We are raising £1,500 to buy an innovative Virtual Reality Kit to enhance learning and teaching to our students, and allow our teachers to deliver exciting and outstanding lessons that will motivate, engage and take them to places they have never visited before and truly interact with the virtual world!

My students

The students in this project will be diverse and varied. Not only will the pupils at Alderbrook School benefit from the involvement in this project, but also those in neighbouring schools as our teachers will take the kit and project to our network of schools and deliver sessions and activity in those schools too. This will be a major benefit of this collaborative project to bring teachers together to share good practice and produce collaborative resources.

In addition to each class having access to the kit at scheduled times, the project will be used with targeted and vulnerable groups to see how the activity supports different learning styles and needs. We will develop a project with our Girls in IT cohort (a specific group of learners we are actively and positively engage with to promote computing to girls). Our refugee and E2L learners will have a family tracing & culture project and we will also target our G&T learners and use the equipment during our coding club.

My project

Virtual Reality has now genuinely embedded itself within the commercial sector, and with students engaging with it in their leisure time, it is essential educators can utilise this powerful medium to deliver solid and exciting learning experiences for children. This project will not only allow the passive use of the kit, with learners being transported to explore ancient times, visiting exciting field trips to far flung countries or engaging in the mechanical workings of hi-tech apparatus - but will also give the learners the skills to become the designers and makers of the virtual worlds and simulations themselves. This project will provide the foundation for our current students to become the drivers behind the UK's technology sector and compete with Japan, China and Silicon Valley to create new realities and virtual worlds that can change the way people live and work.

We have experimented with VR and allowed our students to experience a space lunar walk, explore what life was like as a Roman Centurion or in the First World War trenches and got some fantastic written stories. Now we want the children to become the coders and designers to create the landscapes and truly engage and interact with the virtual worlds by using diverse, rich media to layer on top of 360 degree VR content. Progression will then allow students to imagine and create their own VR worlds and experiences by becoming the coders themselves. Students will learn how to adapt and animate objects and worlds in VR landscapes, and using additional tools will import images and 3D models and share their worlds in collaborative environments. Some initial ideas are to build virtual street scenes where the students enter and interact with the culture before them, for example a french cafe to order breakfast and discuss the daily news in Paris! Some students have suggested building a virtual Art Gallery with exhibitions from across the school, and planning the opening night where reviewers will discuss the art in comparison to famous global pieces.

Our staff support not only within the school, but also travel to neighbouring schools delivering the lessons and experiences for learners at other schools and up-skilling the teachers to deliver the projects themselves. This further disseminates skills and knowledge to a wider community and promotes sharing, understanding and innovative working. This model has proven to work in our network where we have initiated the inventive use of Sphero's, Lego robots, Raspberry Pi's and green screen kits into the class room, benefitting staff and students in many schools.

Using technology to enhance learning makes the learning 'real' for the students and has a positive impact on the education process. It is essential teachers are able to develop computing skills in students so they will be prepared for the workforce of the future. Embracing and integrating technology, and utilising emerging technologies in our schools makes the learning fun, interesting and relevant. Our VR project promotes collaboration, enthuses learners to engage in solving complex problems and sets them up for the increasing digital economy. It will support all pupils and aid in reducing the attainment gap between pupil premium and other students.

Where your donation goes

10 x Motorola Moto G4 Smartphone @ £139.95 each = (£1395)

10 x Virtual Reality Google Cardboard headset @ £5.55 each = (£59.90)

1 x USB Charging Station = £29.99

Delivery costs: £0

Credit card fees (2%): £30 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Grand total = £1,515

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