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An Artist ltd, providing art graduates and their universities with exhibitions in London.

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Our company, An Artist...

...provides art graduates and their universities with a London Exhibition - starting with Civilized?, an exhibition in July 2016 showcasing the works of soon-to-be graduates and tutors from Solent University. 

We are raising £3,500 to afford the exhibition space and promotional material needed to make Civilized? a success and grow our business. Your money will mean that these artists will have a platform to meet with potential employers and gallerists (fundamental if an artist is going to make any money to support themselves). 

I am dedicated to making this company a success, as it is a company I wish had been around in my final year, and I am determined to support students and their universities in their final year of study. 

Founder: Amy Louise Wright

I am an artist at the Below Bar Studios in Southampton Solent, graduating this July. I am the founder of An Artist Ltd and the organiser of Civilized?. I run the company and have the vision of supporting future artists and their universities after they graduate. 

Also in our team:

Chloe Rose Wiltshire, head of marketing (brilliant at logos and designing marketing for each exhibition). 

Nicola Chamberlain and Emma Tod: mentors with over 10 years experience of being artists. 

Why An Artist Ltd? 

My first lecture, three years ago, started off by saying "you will never make money as an artist", and three years later at my last ever lecture? "You won't make money as an artist. So get creative". 

I began this company as a solution to this problem that almost every art graduate will face. How will I make art for a living? It is what we love and for the most part, we're great at it. The answer lies in gallerists and connecting with potential employers, and so what do we need? A platform to meet with these people and showcase our artwork to the public. And where are these people? (for the most part) in London. 

Together, our money will be spent:

  • If we get the minimum amount of £2600 we will cover the cost of the venue hire
  • If we hit our target we can publicise the Civilized? exhibition and make the best possible model for showing future persons we work with 
  • If we raise more money we can increase the amount of universities we target in year one, thus supporting more graduates. 
    Breakdown of costs: 
  • Venue hire (one week): £4250 
  • Publicity: £150 +
  • Travel (van hire & petrol; trains): £400
  • Printing costs (100 copies of newspaper): £273


  • We have some exciting and unique rewards for anyone who donates to the development of our company, An Artist ltd

Follow us 

To keep track of how the business is growing and the exhibitions that will be taking place over the years, follow us on:

Get more involved!

  • Please share our crowdfunding page on your social media platforms letting people know about our business and help us provide graduates with a London platform for their artwork
  • We also would love to have you come to our first exhibition, Civilized? Meet the team on the 26th July (opening night) 18:00-21:00 and if you can't make the opening night, come and visit us until Saturday 30th July - we're open 12:00-18:00 daily at Hoxton Arch 402, Cremer Street, London, E2 8HD.

Thank you!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me at

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