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Support Angels in Erotica at the Edinburgh Fringe

Phoenix Theatre Company's acclaimed student-written comedy needs your help!

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This project received pledges on Sat 26 Aug 2017

project Summary

Angels in Erotica is the world's first ever religious-fantasy-romantic-satirical-absurdist-post-modernist-sex comedy! It follows the story of Rachel, an erotica writer who is chosen by God to be his next prophet. She goes on a wild adventure through her fantasy world of Majesterion, being courted by her two ideal lovers; the tortured poet Moody Blues, and the virile bear-hunter Edwardio. However, God's angel Cupid seeks a return to the Old Testament days of fire and brimstone, and is willing to summon dark forces to get her way...

Angels in Erotica had a sell-out run and was heavily praised by professional judges at this year’s Durham Drama Festival. It will be performed at a professional venue (The Space @ Surgeons Hall) for 2 weeks of the Edinburgh Fringe, a fantastic achievement for a student production. This project requires a serious financial commitment and whilst we're not going to let this stop us from putting on this play, without your support it will be extremely difficult.

Who We Are

PTC, formerly known as Fountains Theatre Company, is Grey College's very own theatre company. We aim to put on incredible shows that allow our members to realise their creative potential.

We've put on many high-quality and successful productions over the years, including William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and David Mamet's American Buffalo.

However, performing at the Edinburgh Fringe would be a first for the company and a unique opportunity for our members to be part of the largest arts festival in the world!

Why DOnate?

You'll be supporting:

  • Original student writing
  • Female-written drama with strong female leads.
  • Theatre at Grey and the university as a whole; our trip to the Fringe will mean lots of positive publicity for the college and the university. Also, we will gain invaluable experience that we will feed back into student theatre when we return to Durham
  • A talented and promising troupe of directors, producers, actors and techies, who will have the opportunity to learn and get exposure on an international stage

Also, as an added bonus, every penny you give us up to £500 will be matched. This is due to the generosity of the Grey Trust and it means your money will go twice as far! So if you're passionate about any of the above, or just want to see sexy topless men on stage, then please donate to Angels in Erotica !

Where will the money go?

Putting on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe is an expensive task, and we are but poor students. Having recently reformed, PTC doesn't have huge resources at present, so we need all the help we can get! Our campaign will continue right the way through our run and we will provide updates of how the show's going, and tell you about everything your generosity is supporting.

Here is what your money will be going towards:

  • If we raise £220 then that should be enough to cover our props, costume, set and make-up. If we hit our full target of £1,600 then that will pay for our venue hire.
  • If we manage to raise even more then that will help contribute to some of our other major costs, including accommodation (£3,000), Travel (£360) Fringe Society Programme Fee (£328), flyers and posters (£250), box office commission (£53.25) music licensing fees (£50) etc.


  • We would be extremely grateful for anything you could give to support this amazing project, even just liking and sharing our content on social media would go a long way
  • We've set up a rewards scheme to show our gratitude to our generous patrons, it genuinely means so much to us and hopefully this goes someway towards expressing that
  • The rewards will require us to get in contact with you through the Great Ideas website to get some important info: e.g. What's your social media handle? or When are you coming to see the show?
  • However, if you would rather not receive a reward then fear not they are entirely optional! Just click the £1 reward to donate any amount to the show without receiving a reward

Follow our progress

You can keep up with how the show's going through our social media, where we'll share blog posts, photos of the casts and much more!

Website: https://greyphoenixtheatre.wixsite.com/angelsinerotica

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gods1sts3xshow/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gods1stsexshow?lang=en-gb

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gods1stsexshow/

Plus follow our characters' accounts!

Tumblr: https://teammoodyblues.tumblr.com/

However, the best way to keep up with the show is to see it for yourself! We're performing at The Space@ Surgeons Hall from the 14th-26th August!

Facebook event: http://bit.ly/2tPxNCz

Please Share and Donate. Thank You!