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Japanese Studies Postgraduate
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Completion Date: Sat 26 May 2018

A short summary of your project

With your help, I am hoping to raise a minimum of £15,000 to pay for the first year of my postgraduate degree in Japanese studies.

Who are you?

My name is Anna Tatton, I am a prospective Japanese studies postgraduate student.

Your story

  • My name is Anna Tatton, I am a enthusiastic and engaged student finishing my bachelor degree programme in Media and Cultural studies at Birkbeck College. My passion during my studies has been Japanese culture while outside of Birkbeck, I began to learn Japanese language via an evening course for the past two years. Last month I received an acceptance letter from SOAS university onto their postgraduate programme in Japanese Studies. This is a dual degree programme with Sophia university in Tokyo, meaning that I will study for one year in London and one year in Tokyo.
  • My academic interest in Japanese studies is mainly focused around the questions of gender and sexuality in modern society. Since May 2017, I have been working passionately on my dissertation which tackles the question of homosexual subjectivity within manga. Alongside my academic work, I also volunteer as a maentor for Japanese overseas volunteers at Leonard Cheshire disability trust.  My role here is to ensure that the Japanese volunteers are comfortable within their stay in England. I offer them support with setting up a bank account, finding affordable English lessons (should they require them), helping them to understand the train system, offering advice should they fall ill alongside other situations in which they may feel they need help with. Though challenging at times, I have found this role incredibly rewarding. Through my volunteer work, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with people and bridging gaps between English and Japanese language and customs. Due to this, one of my projects for the future is to work as an interpreter or mediator for Japanese people. In order to do so, I would need to have an even finer understanding of Japanese culture and to reach an excellent level in Japanese language.
  • The dual programme offered will be fundamental for allowing me to reach this level, the module options provided at SOAS and Sophia University will undoubtedly allow me to build a strong interdisciplinary approach for reaching a high level of knowledge in Japanese studies, whereas being integrated within Tokyo for an academic year is essential for reaching an advanced understanding of Japanese language. Furthermore, if I decide to eventually write a PHD in a Japanese Studies department, it is fundamental that I reach a excellent knowledge of the language in order to access the reading materials.The only barrier which I can see to stop me reaching these goals is unfortunately that of funding. However, that is where I ask you to help. I am looking to raise £15,000 to fund the first year of my postgraduate degree at SOAS. This will go towards the £9225 course fee and £5000 will be for maintenance costs. (I also plan to work part time for this year).I believe that my constant, coherent and unfaltering interest in both Japanese culture and Japanese language prove me to be an eager and engaged student.

Where will the money go?

  • Course fees (one year): £9,225
  • Maintenance- £5000- this will be used for course books, travel to the library, food allowance and conference fees.
  • Should I raise only the absolute minimum of £5000, I will borrow the rest needed through the career development loan scheme. However, this would be a last resort as it I will pay interest on this and I will then need to pay this back immediately after graduating, regardless of whether I am at that point employed.


I am hugely grateful for any amount of money received towards this, the reward list is merely a guide as depending on the individual I would like to thank them in a more personal manner. Please be rest assured that I will remember each thoughtful donation and you shall receive a token of my gratitude.

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