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A directory of different uni courses, work experience and apprenticeships.

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Completion Date: Mon 16 Jul 2018

The purpose and features of App to the Future: The app is a directory of different university courses, work experience and apprenticeships available. It allows students to search by location, skill and subject for an experience suited to them.

The app will be broken up into sections. The opening menu contains the subject areas/ careers that a person is interested in. The second menu will have the option to choose between universities, apprenticeships and work experience. From here results can be refined further using a sidebar that refines by duration, location and opportunities. If they are still undecided, then a review section will be available along with a Q&A section. This would allow users to get an idea of whether or not they would enjoy themselves and gain skills based on what resources and opportunities are available and how satisfied those who have been involved in the past were.

When looking at a certain establishment, additional details will appear that the user may find useful including:

. Contact Details - Email, Telephone, Social Networks

. Showing the quality of work and the establishment – Facilities, videos and photos

Additional Features:

Traffic Light System – This would change across the year for university places and during the period of applying for work experience or a placement. A red light would indicate that time has run out and there are no more spaces available, an amber light would indicate that there are some places left so act fast and a green light would indicate that there are plenty of spaces available and time to apply.

Interactive Open Day (Where Available) – Universities could have an interactive open day on the app for those who for whatever reason may not be able to attend the event. This could be expanded as a video or even a live stream.

Time to introduce myself: Hello! I'm Brad Forsyth. I have studied creative media production for two years and had the time of my life creating a selection of fun projects from a music video to a short film. I am extremely keen when it comes to media as all its forms and the imaginative process behind it intrigues me. I have a desire for producing creative ideas and seeing them come to life. I enjoy working in a team with people that share this creative flare and I feel the outcome and development of skills make the long hours worthwhile. I pride myself in taking the time and care in order to produce high quality work from concept to the end result. A final product that an audience can enjoy or benefit from is what motivates me to go far. As a student it important to take advantage of many opportunities and use the voice we have to make a positive impact on the development of young people’s success in their education as well as their careers.  App development is something I am very enthusiastic about due to the number of ideas I have had over the years that I truly believe can make a difference.

The story so far and potential impact:

I have developed this idea for quite some time having previously won an app competition at my college. The feedback I received was wonderful and really showed that students appreciated the idea and believed it would help them get the kind of degree they wanted and have an early start in working their way up the career ladder. Unfortunately, a tight budget meant that the app did not get to the final stages of development.

App to the Future is extremely important for an array of reasons specifically that it allows young people to make a well-informed decision on their future. There are situations where students are unable to find something that is suited to them in the timeframe that they require therefore this may save time by speeding up the process of elimination. For university applicants it will be useful as it may help them in determining whether or not the university would suit them best. This would prevent them from being disappointed and not feeling like they got the most out of three years. Furthermore, it would give them a head start with their UCAS form and potentially getting it sent off before others. This could result in them receiving an offer first. For those hunting for work experience it would help if they needed to look for a placement in a short space of time to complete their hours for college.  Being a donor would mean the World as it could give many young people new opportunities and a push in the right direction tailored to their aspirations and needs.

Where will the money go?

The calculations of the cost for the app development is based on what it was in the previous competition. It will comprise of the following elements:

.The platform

. Size of the app

. User interface

. Linking accounts

. User generated content

. Dates and locations

. Social and engagement

. Admin, feedback and analytics


As a reward you will be credited in the app and have the option to become a beta tester. Most importantly you will have helped to make a difference to the way students can find a pathway to their prosperous future!

Feel free to take a look at my other work and stay in touch if you'd like to hear more!

To see the status of fund-raising be sure to keep a close eye on my twitter and Instagram feed. I will also have a section added to my website.

Here are the links below:

Website -

Twitter - BradForsyth3

Instagram - forsyth364

Make a difference! If you feel the idea would make a difference and you are passionate about improving education and opportunities for young people, please share the idea on social media and spread the word!

Thank you so much for looking at my pitch and have a brilliant day! :)

Brad Forsyth