PhD study in Archaeoacoustics

The Archaeology of Sound - uncovering the truth

PhD study in Archaeoacoustics
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Completion Date: Thu 31 Mar 2016

A PhD study in ARchaeoacoustics 

My name is Lise Tjellesen, and I have been awarded a PhD scholarship for Reading University for a study in Archaeoacoustics with the project title:

"Decoding forgotten acoustic knowledge of Ancient Civilizations:  Sacred Structures, Symbolism and Sound – Hidden knowledge and the effect on mind and body.”

The scholarship covers all tuition fees throughout the time of study, but I am required to pay additional research fees.

Despite working to cover my living expenses I am in need of a little help to cover these fees or at least some help contributing towards them.

So Who am I?

I'm a Dane living in the UK on my 9th year. I am working as an acoustic consultant, and I have done so for almost 15 years. I have a MSc in acoustics from Technical University in Denmark and I have always wanted to obtain a PhD in acoustics. 

Archaeoacoustics is a fascinating new branch of the world of acoustics and I want to be on the forefront of that as I have a passion for History, Archaeology and Acoustics. So why not combine them?

I am also the co-founder of The Archaeoacoustic Research Society in the UK, which has been around for about two years. 


What is archaeoacoustics and why is that exciting?

The main questions, that everyone wants to get an answer to, are:

Was acoustic knowledge known in pre-historic times, and were the ancient structures built with acoustic intentionality? Is there a hidden knowledge that is long forgotten? What could the knowledge of acoustic in ancient times teach us today?

Attempts have been made to conduct archaeoacoustic studies. Most of these studies have been carried out by archaeologists and anthropologists, often in connection with musical instruments, shamanism and healing. Some more recent studies have been carried out with larger focus on the acoustics. Yet very few studies and research projects have been made concentrating on the connection between acoustic properties, archaeological findings and their interaction with the human physiology.

Sound could very well be the key to understanding much more than just history and ancient civilizations. It could very well be the key to uncovering much more about understanding our modern day world.

This is new research, which could be ground breaking. I want to know more, and the world should know more. Help me achieve this.

The Raised funds will go to:

- Research fees requested by the university.

- The minimum target of £500 will cover the first year's fee.

- Any additional funding up to the target will cover the remaining years' fees, and if anything else above the target is achieved it will go towards help funding the cost of a computer used specifically for the years of study.

Rewards/paying it forward

I can provide free acoustic consultancy and translation work (Danish/English or English/Danish) for minor projects on an ad-hoc basis proportional to any funding provided as per the pledges.

For every £ I receive I also pledge to donate half to a charity and half to an other person in need of financial help towards education, once I have finished my own study. 

You can Find ME 

- On Facebook : under the Archaeoacoustic Research Society

- On Twitter : @lwtjellesen

- On Linkedin :

Please follow me and help spread the news about

The road to success

Many roads leads to success.

Money is not everything, even if it does help.

However, sharing the message and this project is of great value and the power of social networks should not be underestimated. Please help by sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, or on your blog or webpage. Share it with anyone who have an interest in either archaeology or acoustics and who wants to know much more about the subject and the research put into it. Research to which I hope to contribute to by completing my PhD.

Help me make it a reality and help inform the world about the secret knowledge of sound.