Help an Aspiring Cancer Researcher

Help an aspiring cancer researcher fund a MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial

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Hello! I am raising money to help pay the deposit and tuition fees so that I can undertake an MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London , beginning October 2017. It would be the first important step to help me become a Cancer Research Scientist , an ultimate dream of mine, so that I can join the fight against cancer and help come up with some cures! I have been given an offer to take the course but in order to meet the conditions of my offer I need to pay a £1000 deposit and then pay the tuition fees! I would really appreciate any help to do this.


For a very long time I have aspired to fight against cancer . Cancers affect so many people and unfortunately I have not been unaffected by the devastating disease, having had two close family members suffer from cancer. These unfortunate circumstances fuelled my desire to help beat cancer. My first step in this journey was undertaking a four year degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Surrey, throughout which I have gained valuable knowledge on various human diseases, including cancer. I will (hopefully) be graduating in July 2017 with a 1st Class degree.

My enthusiasm to conduct research on cancer has been evident throughout my degree. During my placement year at university I went to Okayama University in Japan in order to conduct research involving bladder cancer. This was an amazing opportunity which gave me valuable laboratory research experience and helped me to determine the career path I must take to become a cancer researcher. Furthermore I then had the opportunity to conduct laboratory research involving glioblastoma (a type of brain cancer) for my dissertation project in my fourth year at university. I enjoyed conducting this type of research so much that despite finishing my final exams and dissertation, and basically finishing university, I have remained at Surrey in order to continue to conduct research within this lab and refine my research skills.

Now, my journey to become a cancer scientist is about to begin, but I am in serious need of some help to make it a definite reality. I have recently accepted a conditional offer to undertake a MRes in Cancer Biology at Imperial College London , a fantastic opportunity at a fantastic university! However one of the conditions I must fulfil to undertake the masters is a payment of a £1000 deposit ! I have a small amount of savings to go towards this but not near enough to the £1000 which I really need! Furthermore, there is the monumental tuition fee of £10,000 which I must pay in addition to living and travelling costs, however the maximum Postgraduate Student Loan is only £10,280! I plan to work over the summer before the course starts and take on a part-time job alongside the masters but it will be a challenging and demanding course so donations would certainly relieve some of the workload. Most importantly, donations would most certainly help with the imminent deposit payment, which is my priority.

I am certain that I have the motivation, enthusiasm and dedication to become a successful scientist in cancer research and would be devastated if money was the sole reason I could not follow my dreams. Any money that you can give will help me become the cancer researcher I have long aspired to become, so that I can help join the fight against cancer!


My minimum target is £500 as this plus my available savings will be enough to pay for the deposit.

If I hit my full target of £10,000 then the money will also go towards the tuition fees and maintenance costs for the year. If this crowdfunding project is really successful and I raise more than my target I can donate the extra funds to charities that help and support research into cancers, such as Cancer Research UK.

Your money will go towards:

  • Course Deposit - £1000
  • Tuition Fees - £9,000 after the deposit is removed (£10,000 total)
  • Travel - I will be commuting from Reading. A 12 month season ticket from Reading to Paddington Station (London) costs £4,308.
  • Paypal Fees - There is a 3.5% paypal fee to donations I receive


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Help an aspiring cancer researcher!

And finally a big THANK YOU to everyone helping me achieve my aspirations!