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Bringing 'Attic' by RedDeer to the King's Head Theatre

RedDeer Theatre Company brings their new show 'Attic' to the King's Head Theatre London

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This project received pledges on Mon 26 Jun 2017

Help our play 'Attic 's go the King’s Head Theatre this summer!

We’re raising £1600 to bring RedDeer Theatre Company’s play 'Attic' to the King’s Head Theatre London in May, June and July. 'Attic' is the debut play from young writer Meriel Hinsching, directed by award-winning emerging director Ed Theakston (Best Play award for Bit of Sunshine, LOST Theatre Festival 2016 & Theatre503).

An intimate two-hander that invites you to follow the journey of Leonie and Bay as they relive their dangerous, boundary-pushing relationship in one night. By turn understated and visceral, 'Attic' examines the dark, animalistic and unconventional sides to love between two people who never quite find their way back together.

RedDeer Theatre - The Team behind 'Attic'

We are RedDeer – a two-women strong emerging theatre company from East London with the aim to produce fresh new work combining poetry, new writing, bold imagery and illustration.

Or company members are Steinunn McQueen from Iceland (producer of 'Attic') and Meriel Hinsching (writer of 'Attic') from Germany. We also work with some amazing associate artists and theatre-makers on this project:

Ed Theakston, director of 'Attic' (credits include 'Bit of Sunshine' at LOST Theatre One Act Festival and Theatre503)

Phoebe Stapleton, lead actress in 'Attic' (credits include Lavinia in 'Dottir' at The Courtyard Theatre and Alice in 'Alice Unhinged' at the Pleasance Edinburgh)

Connor Harris, lead actor in 'Attic' (credits include the title role in 'TESLA' by The Alchemist Theatre Company)

Our Story

RedDeer Theatre Company’s aim is to produce vital new work for the stage and tell contemporary stories based on the human condition and our emotions. Our work focuses on new writing that is raw and vulnerable and draws inspiration from photography, imagery and illustration. We work with fellow creatives and theatre-makers on all our projects and make our art more accessible by using audio-visual elements in our working process. Weekly, we post new poetry and illustrations written and crafted by RedDeer on all our social media accounts. This way, we can constantly connect with our followers, even if we go through a period of not producing any stage work.

'Attic' is a story written for people to connect to, to draw something from, to be reminded of themselves as lovers and human-beings. It’s unconventional, disgusting, beautiful, but incredibly vulnerable. It is for those that are bored by endless Rom-Coms on Netlfix&Co and are desperate for something more real, revolting and alive! 'Attic' means a lot to us as it’s such a personal and meaningful piece of work that we would like to share with other people in London, young or old, who might have had similar experiences of love. We want to share our feelings, emotions, darkest stories and deft humour with all theatre-goers out there, but also with those who don’t go to the theatre and simply enjoy a raw piece of storytelling.

As a donor of 'Attic', you help us bring a fresh new piece of theatre to an important, Olivier-award winning theatre stage! With your contribution, big or small, you help shape the future of 'Attic' and are an important part for setting a vital first milestone of our debut play!

Here's what happens with your donation

We’re confident that with your help, we can reach our minimum target of £1200! Should we hit that target, we will be able to fully cover our hiring fees for the King’s Head Theatre without having to scrape together the last pennies in our empty student wallets. Henceforth, we could invest more time, energy and money into fulfilling the show’s true potential, for example by investing in props or transport costs for our actors.

Should we be lucky enough to hit our full target of £1600, we will definitely be able to cover all van hiring fees for our props, set and costumes as well as transport costs for our creative team. Furthermore, we will be able to print flyers and posters to advertise the show across London.

In case you’re interested in how exactly we are going to spend your kind donation, here’s a breakdown of our costs:

•    Venue hire (for a run of 8 nights): £1200

•    Travel (van hire & petrol): £100

•    Production costs (Props, costumes): £100

•    Printing costs (200 copies): £200

All money that we won’t spend on our production at the King’s Head Theatre will go to our company’s account and will be spent only on future venues and festivals that decide to take 'Attic' on.

We will of course keep you up-to-date with the future of the show through all our social media pages and our website. Check out our facebook and Instagram for new poetry and illustration or come see 'Attic' at the King’s Head Theatre in June or July. We can’t wait to see you there and meet you in person.

Here’s what you get if you donate to “attic”

Of course donating money to a show is always a give-and-take. We’ll make sure you’ll be rewarded for your support of RedDeer Theatre Company and we want to make you feel part of our success. Check out our rewards page to find out more about how we thank you for your donation, however much you might give. We are truly grateful for every penny!

Come and find us or drop us a message any time!

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Intragram for regular updates and to see what we are up to. Please also check out our new poetry and illustration, which we post weekly:

Twitter: @RedDeerTheatre

Instagram: @RedDeer Theatre, #RedDeerTheatre

Facebook: RedDeer Theatre Company

Help RedDeer and 'attic' succeed!

We understand that donating money isn’t always an option for everyone, but you don’t need to give us money to help us succeed! Please give our social media pages a like and share and spread the word about RedDeer and our debut play ‘attic’! The more people we reach, the more likely we are to become successful in our mission to share our stories on London stages! So share, share, share – It’s easy and helps us out a great deal!

Although you don’t need to give money, we’d love it if you did! Whatever donation, even just £1 can make a difference and helps bring us a tiny little step closer to reaching our goal.

And finally, we just want to shout out a huge Thank You to those who want to help, share and donate! Your support means a lot to us and we won’t disappoint you!

Much love from the RedDeer Team

P.S.: Here are some rehearsal snaps from 'Attic' showing our actors Connor Harris and Phoebe Stapleton in action ;)

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£500! Words are not enough to show you our appreciation and thankfulness! As a gift, you shall receive two free tickets to the show as well as a workshop for up to ten people with our team to gain a unique insight into our creative process. Furthermore, you'll receive a mention as sponsor in all our programmes, on our social media pages and on our website! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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