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Completion Date: Tue 08 Sep 2015

Who am I? Why am I doing this campaign?

My name is Cristian Hernández, a Geographer from Chile who is now entering at the data science realm. I'm a highest distinction alumni from University of Chile, the best university in my country and also one the top 5 universities in all Latin America. I have been living in London the last three years with my wife, who is studying a PhD at London School of Economics.

Precisely, our goal as a family was travel to UK to find the best education in the world, making a huge sacrifice in terms of to live far away from family and friends, to come to the adventure of living in London. My wife was lucky enough to get a Chilean scholarship, which allow here to carry on with her studies, but I did not have the same luck. So, I have been working hard to get the money for my fees (19.620 pounds), but still is not enough.

My Research

During my time in London, I have been learning self taught about programming languages and data analysis techniques, also researching about artificial intelligence, autonomous agents and particularly about driverless cars. That's why I presented a research proposal to the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in University College London, which was accepted, specifically in the MRes Spatial Data Science and Visualization, about how to find new and better ways to transform London in a "friendly city for autonomous agents".

The meaning of to be friendly in terms of autonomous agents is a concept which involve the idea of a city willing to incorporate artificial intelligence machines with spatial capacity, as driverless cars or drones, improving our lives reducing car accidents or delivering medicines in an autonomous way, more efficiently. So, the quest for the new spatial scientists is teach this machines to move across the space.


I would like to transform my research in the starting point for the autonomous friendly city community in London. In fact, the most important part of my research is about how human collaborative intelligence might produce the artificial intelligence that we need, in this case through spatial data and algorithms, so my rewards points to the creation of a community around my research. You can see a full description of the rewards on the official site for this campaign here on Hubbub.

Where will the money go?

The total fees for my MRes is £19.620, but I'm not asking for the entire fees on this campaign, because I have some saves to pay part of the fees. I pretend to pay 50% of my fees with this campaign and then keep working hard to pay the other half. So my goal is £10.153 (including Paypal charges 0.035).- All the money will go directly to pay my fees. 

Where to find me?

Personal Blog:
Autonomous Friendly Blog: (under construction).-

Other Interests

I love to write songs. So one of my rewards is a song, especially made it for this occasion. Also, I like to run, so another reward involve this skill. Finally I'm a huge fan of films, every Monday I go to movies.

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