PhD Research: Baby Sleep

Investigating baby sleep support and the use of Attachment Parenting tools: An assets-based approach

PhD Research: Baby Sleep
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Full research proposal available here!

The project

·         PhD Research to study the advice given to parents regarding their baby's sleep and possible alternatives.

·         Since the mid-1930s, prolonged and independent night-time sleep has been the hallmark of a ‘good baby’ in many Western societies; early infant independence is viewed as a developmental goal, and its achievement as a measure of effective parenting. Yet for the majority of the world’s cultures, separation of an infant from its mother for sleep is considered abusive or neglectful treatment for which Westerners are criticised.

Ball, 2009

·         Cry it Out, Controlled Crying, and Graduated Withdrawal are examples of techniques being heralded to parents as solutions to their babies’ problems. These practices are now, following decades of research, known to be harmful to babies’ development.

·         Co-sleeping (or more specifically, bed-sharing) is one of the ‘tools’ advocated by Attachment Parenting. Safe co-sleeping practices not only enhance bonding experiences in the mother-infant dyad but physical regulation (body temperature, metabolic rate, heartbeat and breathing for example), breastmilk production, and emotional responses are all improved by the close contact it provides.

·         The question is "Investigating baby sleep support and the use of Attachment Parenting tools: An assets-based approach to healthy babies and healthy futures."

Where will the money go?

The research intends in the first instance to investigate current common practice, and secondly to explore an assets-based approach to supporting parents develop the all-important infant relationships that affect the baby’s overall health and wellbeing. Doctoral studies cost £5k per year, funds raised will partially cover costs of research supervision.

The first wave of research will involve questioning a sample of mothers in various areas. Marketing and research costs will include newspaper, radio and local advertising, venue hire, basic technology and reimbursement of participants' costs.

*Please note - this target is based on year one estimates, the research is likely to be carried out over a three year period.

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