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Bee-Bot Business
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This project received pledges on Wed 13 Dec 2017


Number of students that will benefit: 122 (whole school)

Age of students: 2-11

Eligible for Free School Meals: 14.5%


We are raising funds to be able to buy a set of five programmable, smiley robot Bee-Bots and a Blue-Bot for use throughout school.


Micklefield Primary is a small village school, which certainly has its advantages! However, it means we rely on external support to fund the 'added extras' which enhance the curriculum and really bring it alive for the children. The proportions of pupils eligible for free school meals, and who have special educational needs (SEN), are above the national average.

My Project

The children love using Bee-Bots, so much so that our current set has been gradually reduced to now only having one remaining functioning Bee-Bot, whose batteries need sellotape to stay in place and regularly runs out of steam as it has been used so much.

Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots are programmable robots that helps pupils code, debug and simulate algorithms for the new National Curriculum for Computing. These buzzy little fellows have many uses, fitting into the Early Years Curriculum as well as the Computing and Maths curriculums in KS1 & 2. They are especially useful for the younger pupils to start learning coding but pupils all through the school can benefit from using algorithms with Blue-bots. Being able to use 'hands-on' resources such as the Bee-Bots to engage with the Computing Curriculum really inspires the children and teaches them many valuable skills.

If we reach our minimum goal, we will buy the set containing 5 Bee-Bots and 1 Blue-Bot. Should we be lucky enough to meet our maximum target, we will buy an iPad to open up a whole new world of possibilities to support using the Blue-Bot as well as the coding aspect of the Computing curriculum. Some schools are lucky enough to have class sets of iPads, this would be our first and only!

Where your donation goes

1X Bee- and blue- bot set @ £359.64


  • 5X Rechargeable Bee-Bots (each with a USB Charging Lead)
  • 1X Rechargeable Blue-Bot (each with a USB Charging Lead)
  • 1X Bee-Bot Docking/Charging Station
  • 1X Mains Power Adaptor

Subtotal: £359.64

Credit card fees (2%): £7.19

Total: £366.83

1x Apple ipad 9.7 Inch Wi-Fi 32GB @ £301.80

Delivery: £6

Credit card fees (2%): £6.16

Total: £313.96

Grand Total: £680.79

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