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Before You Go

One last day. One last secret.

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This project received pledges on Wed 09 Jan 2019

Before You Go is a short coming of age film set on the Isle of Man in 1973. It tells the story of a teenager named Jack who is in love with his best friend Eddie, at a time when homosexuality was still a crime - it wasn't decriminalised in the Isle of Man until 1992, with gay marriage only legalised in 2016.

Our film follows the two boys as they spend one last day together on the island, before Eddie goes off to university in England. When they visit their English teacher Paul, he suddenly reveals his homosexuality, and Jack thinks he might finally be able to confess his feelings to his Eddie - unfortunately, the Eddie is not as accepting of Paul’s revelation as Jack would have hoped. Will the boys find a way to move through this, or will it tear them apart?

To make this film a reality, we really need your help and donations.

The team

Our crew consists of eight extremely dedicated third year Film and Television Production students. To all of us, this project is something we’ve already placed an incredible amount of time and effort into, and something we can’t wait to begin see come to life. We really need your help to make this film, and we truly appreciate how every donation towards the film allows us to express this to you within the final product. For all of us, this film will give us the ability to grow as filmmakers.

the budget

As you can see, Before You Go is a really ambitious project so we really need your donations in order to make it a reality.

Transport - £1000

We’re going to need to spend a significant amount on transport, as we have to transport our crew and equipment all the way from York to the Isle of Man (and back!), as well as transport around the island.

Production Design - £500

Our film is a period piece; set in the seventies. We’re going to need to make sure we buy costumes and props that suit the period, as well as dressing locations to look authentic.

Locations - £300

Our film has some very specific locations, including some Isle of Man heritage venues, so we’re going to need to pay to hire these out for the day.

Catering - £250

Our crew and cast will be spending the entire week on the Isle of Man, so we’ll need to make sure we feed them across the shoot!

Cast Expenses - £150

We’re going to need to cover travel and any other accommodation costs from our actors, who will be generously giving up their time to work on the film.

Additional Equipment - £100

We’re going to need to rent some additional equipment to bring our project to life, and we’ll have to source some equipment on the Isle of Man to reduce the amount we need to bring with us from York.

Contingency Money - £200

For a project like ours, filming a long way from our base at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television in York, we’re going to need to make sure we have contingency money in case something goes wrong and we need to fix it quickly!


To say thank you for whatever you might be able to donate, we've got some exclusive rewards available. Check them out on the sidebar!

follow the filmmaking

Follow our journey through fundraising and into production on our social media channels. We'll be offering behind the scenes looks at what we have been up to as well as sneak peaks at the final film. You can follow us for regular updates on:




Share the story

We full appreciate not everyone may be able to donate, but please make sure you share our story - for every share we get seen by more people and get one step closer to bringing Jack and Eddie's story to life.

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A HUGE thank you! You will receive all mentioned perks, but also be invited to a private screening of the final film with all of the crew members! (travel and accommodation expenses not included)

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Amazing - thank you for being our highest pledger! You will receive everything mentioned so far, as well as an exclusive prop used on set and featured in the final film, and exclusive artwork designed in pre-production!

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