Behind Closed Doors

An ambitious 10-minute domestic drama

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Behind Closed Doors follows husband and wife, Amber and Sam, around the time of what would have been their child’s first birthday.

Who are we?

The film is being created by a group of final year Filmmaking and Creative Media students from UWE.

Sinead Shephard – Writer/Director

Sinead is a BFI Film Academy Alumni who has always had a love for creative writing, with a particular emphasis on visual storytelling and creating character-based pieces. As a director, she loves the collaborative process of bringing a vision to life.

Tommy Reeday – Cinematographer

Interested in how we can capture images in new, exciting and unconventional ways, Tommy will be using his creative eye alongside a vast technical knowledge of this area, to realise Sinead's vision. Tommy is continuously trying to perfect his craft; taking part in a number of work experience positions at ITV’s Jonathan Ross, Floating Harbour Studios and an upcoming placement at BBC’s ‘Talent Ticket’.

Gareth Croft & Georgia Wilde – Producers

Two heads are better than one, right? ‘The Two G’s’ work together to help ensure everything's running smoothly and that we can create an amazing film on time and on budget. Both Gareth and Georgia have produced well-received projects with Sinead in the past and are thrilled to be working alongside her again.

Why support this story?

In its simplest form, the story explores the pain experienced by a loving couple at a time when they feel disconnected to each other; an idea that we believe everyone can resonate with on some level. Whether it be your partner, sibling, friend...we all experience our own personal pain when we feel disconnected to someone we love.

We want to share our story with as many people as we possibly can (and hopefully begin to make a name for ourselves!), and therefore would love to see it made to the best of its ability.

Our production is an extremely collaborative process, and so this is your chance to join the team and support up-and-coming filmmaking talent!

Where will your money go?

We should start by telling you where it won’t go. Behind Closed Doors is being produced on a very small budget. We already have: a very talented crew who are all working for free to bring this film to you; the amazing filmmaking resources of UWE; and a great location which has been kindly been provided to us for a very low cost.

our minimum target

This will allow us to pay for an experienced cast who can deliver strong, believable performances. It will also help pay for food and transport for our cast and crew. It’s hard work holding up a boom pole all day, even harder when you’re working for free, we’d like to keep all our crew happy with a hot meal at break times.

our FULL target

A film is incomplete without a soundtrack, and so we’d like to commission a composer who will create a piece that will reflect the character’s emotional journeys. Hitting our full target will also mean that we won’t be restricted when it comes to sourcing costume and props for the film.

If we GO OVER OUR target

(We would be over the moon!) Any extra funding will be spent on entering our film into national and international film festivals ; the submission fees of which can range from £25–£60 per festival. This funding would also help to pay for festival marketing materials and transport.


We have an exciting selection of rewards for anyone who donates to the project (including getting your name in the credits for just a fiver!) We’re incredibly grateful for any amount that we receive - every penny adds up, and every single penny will be put to good use!

Want to know more?

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Help us succeed!

We believe that this film could help us to begin to make our mark and get our names known. The more people who know about the film, the more likely we are to succeed in bringing Amber and Sam’s story to life ; and the more support you will be giving to a group of determined, motivated and ambitious up-and-coming filmmakers .

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Along with the above, once the film is completed you will be invited to participate in a live, half-hour, ONLINE Q&A with director Sinead Shephard and producers Gareth Croft and Georgia Wilde! Pick our brains and find out just what it took to bring this production to life.

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As well as the previous rewards we'll send you either a MOVIE POST-CARD or a BEHIND-THE-SCENES PHOTO, your choice! Whichever you choose will have a personal message, just for you, and be signed by the cast and crew.

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Along with the other perks, you can get the chance to show the world your creative vision! Three lucky people will each get the chance to work with our Art Director, Corinne Thomas, and PICK-A-PROP which will be featured in the final cut of the film!

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