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Hello, I’m Hira, an aspiring neurosurgery Physician Associate. I recently graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science from the University of East London. Since then, I have been offered a place to study to become a Physician Associate at St George’s University, London (currently, only one of three UK institutions to offer this programme). This is a rare and innovative opportunity and with your help I cannot wait to take up the offer in September.


What are Physician Associates?

Physician Associates support doctors and form part of the healthcare team. They are trained to make a diagnosis, treat patients and prescribe drugs. This frees up doctors to concentrate on patients with more complicated medical conditions.

The difficulties in recruiting and training doctors makes the Physician Associate a highly sought after clinical professional.

Training is over two years and tuition fees currently cost £9,000 per year at all three UK institutions.


How can you help?

You can help by supporting my challenge of raising £9,970.

Here is a break-down of where your money will go (see links for more details):

  • Tuition fees – £9,000

  • Recommended core text books – £463

  • Recommended equipment:

    • Stethoscope: £147

    • Pen torch: £15

    • Patellar hammer: £7

    • PayPal fees (3.5%, applied to successful projects) – £338

You can support me by making a contribution, however small via this page. I just need 399 people to donate £25 each to reach my target! If you feel you can’t make a donation, please share this page with your family, friends and colleagues – all support is greatly appreciated.

I need to raise £4,657.50 (50% tuition fees + PayPal fees) as a ‘minimum’ to cover the costs of my first term. This needs to be paid by the 30th September.

The NHS is something that affects all of us and I am keen to do what I can to help continue its unique philosophy – to provide quality, state funded healthcare to all.


Costs already covered…

Over the last 12 months I have worked and paid almost £4,000 to:

  • Fund work experience at specialist hospitals in the US

  • Pay the deposit to secure my place

  • Pay for necessary medical reports

  • Pay for necessary vaccines

  • Pay for criminal records checks


Why help?

  • Despite being developed by the Department of Health, there is no government funding.

  • By the end of 2015 the number of UK institutions offering this programme will increase by 100%.

  • St George’s University graduates had 100% employment rate within 3 months of graduating and last year 98% of graduates had a job before graduation. With high job satisfaction there is also job security.

  • It is a profession with proven success – 86,000 Physician Associates practice in the US.

  • There is international appeal – Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and The Netherlands are also embarking on developing the occupation.

  • I want to establish a long and committed career to the NHS, as opposed to a promotion it might be for existing healthcare professionals.

  • Although the course has not officially started, I have already received my first assignment, which will be examined on 5th September – not having to worry about fees will help me to concentrate on passing my first exam!


What’s next?

After completing the programme at St George’s University, I want to spend my first year training as a specialist neurosurgery Physician Associate. I observed one earlier in the year in the US; this an inspiring placement and range of clinical cases I observed left me fascinated with this field.

I believe the challenges of becoming a Physician Associate do not stop once I have completed the course at St George’s University. I want to champion the role and help to develop it to the comparable standards offered in the US – where the public recognise and respect Physician Associates as vital members of the healthcare team. It is essential that work is continued not only from institutions such as the UK Association of Physician Associates, but also from individual Physician Associates to raise the external profile of the profession.

 The impact of Physician Associates

About me

Science is my passion, but I love taking pictures – mostly candid ones of people going about their daily business. Last year a number of my family and friends got married, some far away and others closer to home. However, they all shared something in common; they spent vast sums of money on their wedding dresses and took months to part from them and place them in storage (in the attic of course)!

Out of all this, Rock the Frock was born – an innovative post wedding experience day, where brides get a makeover, revisit their wedding gowns and are photographed in contrasting locations. Hopefully that clarifies where the inspiration for my perks comes from!


Rock the Frock



Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, making a contribution, however small or big or at least sharing my challenge – I cannot explain how excited I am at the prospect of graduating as a Physicians Associate. I will be immensely grateful for all your support. As Tesco say it best, “every little helps.”

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