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Completion Date: Mon 07 Dec 2015

A short summary

I'm raising £7000 to build up a library, AV unit for the street and slum kids of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This will create an opportunity for them to read storybooks and help them to spend the time in fruitful way. They will also be given several art lessons.

About Myself

I am Faisal Md Abdullah, currently working as a Deputy News Editor at Bangla Tribune (online portal). I always cherish a dream to create some real value to the society. As a writer for children, I feel deep obligation to do some good for the poor and impoverished kids of our country.

Our story

We went to a slum situated nearby our office and contact with the residents. We primarily gathered 15+ kids (and rising) who are living under poverty with their family, but have access to very basic primary education. Their parents are mostly day-labour, rickshaw pulers and housemaids.

The children go to public primary school situated nearby their slums. They do not have to pay for their education. But they have no access to any sort of open-field sports as there is a scarcity of open fields in Dhaka’s schools. They have very few resources of entertainments in their life. They did not hear about Disney, animation movies etc. They do not have any access to fairy tales or other story books.

Thus, we decided to make a library for them. Where we are arranging a weekly show of classic animation movies. The library is open for all of the slum and street kids and is open for 7 days a week (from 10am-9pm).

The boys or girls can also do their homework at the office/show room and can get help any time from one of our employees (standby).

We have two teachers who are paid on class basis. They take classes of drawing and DIY crafts.

We regularly give advice to the parents of the kids.

We have plans to train the children about organic farming also.

Where will the money go?

- Rent for the office+library premise (one year): £2500

- teachers' salary+art equipment (one year) £2000

- AV equipment : £1500

- Storybooks: £1000 (if fund exceeds the maximum amount, then rest of the amount will be spent for storybooks)

Images and video

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Help us succeed!

- You don't need to give money to help us succeed! You can send us story books and other AV educational materials to our address

Faisal Abdullah
Better Childhood
152/A (ground Floor), Road-3
Mohammadia Housing Society, Mohammadpur,
Dhaka, Bangladesh 1207