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Help us buy a license to show films to our students

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Help us raise money for a license to show films to our wonderful students here at BHES!

Our School

We teach pupils with medical needs when they are unable to attend school for a variety of reasons, aiming to ensure that all children and young people with illness and mental health difficulties have access to education.

 Our Project

We’d like to set up a film club to explore the culture of film and broaden the horizons of our students. Cinema is a great medium to explore the issues that affect young people, and a great way to build a curiosity about other cultures. We'll be taking advantage of FilmClub, an education charity who help schools set up clubs that provide young people with the chance to watch, discuss and review a diverse range of films – feeding their imagination and nurturing their social and intellectual development.

The Million Dollar Question

We need a Public Video Screening License to show films at school. If we're succesful, we'll do our best to encourage a passion for film, with a view to helping our students to make their own films in the future.


Please help us by sharing this page with everyone; family, friends, co-workers and anyone that may be interested in the project or would like to donate to us.

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