BiSecure Smart Lock

The Smartest Security System for your Bike! Be secure with BiSecure!

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Completion Date: Mon 04 Sep 2017


Bicycle sales have surpassed car sales in most European countries. As a flexible, cheap and healthy way of transport, cycling is especially popular in urban areas such as the ‘Bike City’ Amsterdam and can mitigate climate change on the long run. However, the problem of bike theft is growing. Up to 80,000 bike thefts in Amsterdam alone every year raise the question of how you can secure your bike.

This is where BiSecure can help you! Combining the words ‘bicycle’ and ‘secure’, BiSecure is an innovative lock system that will allow the safe and shared ownership of your bike. If the lock is picked or broken, an audible alarm and a light signal will go off to scare away the thief. Additionally, a warning will be sent to you through a smartphone app, allowing an instant reaction to the theft.

In case of failure of these initial security stages, a GPS emitter that is part of the lock system and attached to the bike itself will allow you to track the bike through the smartphone app. This GPS tracker can also be used to locate the bike, should you ever be unsure about where it has been parked.

A sharing function in the app allows you to enable additional people to control the same bike through their smartphone app. Multiple people can thereby share one bike, a function that is likely to especially attract young, urban people, making students the main target segment. A community of BiSecure users can support each other within the app by answering questions and creating their own content.

BiSecure will consist of hardened steel and conductive wires coated with a cut-resistant fabric. The fastening device will be equipped with a light and sound alarm that will go off if the wires are damaged. It can be unlocked through the app or a fingerprint. BiSecure is solar charged, only weighs 200g and is compact in size. The great variety of combined security and usability features that this product offers at an unbeatable price provides its strong competitive advantage.

With BiSecure, you can finally stop worrying about whether it is safe to park your bike when you are out and about. Back the project now and enjoy the carefree perks of owning a bike: Be secure with BiSecure!