ARU African Society Presents Black Excellence 2019

This year's theme is Entrepreneurship - How Do I Market Myself?

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Completion Date: Fri 29 Mar 2019

our project

The aim of our event is to inspire and help students of the Black demographic at our university as well as other people of colour. We hope to achieve this through hosting a panel discussion including insightful and relatable topics to the community such as how to market yourself, how to succeed as a black individual in the United Kingdom and how to maintain the balance between being a university student and having your own brand.

Who are you?

The African Society focuses on uplifting and integrating the international African students at Anglia Ruskin with the national African students. Our aim is to educate and give a voice to the Black community at Anglia Ruskin!

Your story

Black Excellence 2019 will give internal and external students an insight into how to achieve excellence as black people and to celebrate influential black figures that we believe have achieved such excellence in the community. The event is a panel discussion and will feature a short Q&A and networking section at the end. This years panellists include: JoJo Sonubi (Founder of Black in the Day and Popular event Recess) and Reggie Nelson (Public speaker who recently featured on BBC, ITV, Now This News, This Morning with Phillip & Holly, BBC Radio 1xtra, Daily Mirror and CNBC) as well as many other influential speakers.

This event will benefit the students attending as it will show them that they can also attain such success and achievements. The event will also benefit those that are creative and show the students that they do not only have to focus on academic subjects to reach success. This is because in the Black British community African parents especially believe that if their children are not studying certain academic subjects then they are wasting their time or that they are not doing anything important in life until that venture proves to be successful.

Where will the money go?

Jojo Sonubi - £150 speaker fee + £40 for travel  

Reggie Nelson - £300 speaker fee + £40 for travel 

Black Excellence wristbands - £193.50

Black Excellence pens - £206.34

Food for Speakers - £75 

Refreshments for Students – Snacks and Drinks - £ 30  


Thank you so much to everybody that has donated, we hope you like the Rewards we offer!

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