Ipads for Blackhall Primary School

Technology for all of our children, not just a few!

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This project received pledges on Fri 14 Jul 2017

Key stats about our school

% of students on pupil premium at our school: 39% (National Average is 16%)

Number of students this will benefit: 246 (the whole school)

Age of students: 3 to 11 years


Blackhall Primary School are raising £999 to buy iPads for pupils. This will enhance their learning and give them the opportunity to use technology they don't have outside of school.

Our Students

Our students are awesome! They come from one of the most deprived areas of the country but are proud of where they are from. They work hard every day and the behaviour in our school is outstanding. Our students are helpful, resourceful and a pleasure to be around.

Our Project

Blackhall Primary is a village primary school in an ex-mining community on the East Durham Coast in the North East of England. We work hard to raise the aspirations of our children to help them to get an outstanding education and achieve their dreams. Many of our parents are second generation unemployed, as a result of the closure of heavy industry in the area, and we are working towards breaking this cycle with our pupils.

We want to buy at least 3 extra iPads to use in school, this would help to reduce the number of pupils sharing iPads or waiting their turn to complete work. Many of our children do not have access to technology outside and school and we want to make sure that they are not disadvantaged by this.

These new iPads will help our children to complete work and enhance their learning by ensuring that they are not left behind by their peers when they move onto secondary school. They will have the opportunity to use iPads across the curriculum and access educational learning apps. Our children will gain skills in IT which they can take forward to the next phase of their education.

Where your donation goes

3 x iPad 32GB Wifi @ £304.20 each http://www.jigsaw24.com/education-apple-ipad-32gb-wifi---space-grey//-/fcp-product/34704

3 x iPad Cases @ £21.99 each https://www.amazon.co.uk/SUPCASE-Unicorn-Full-body-Protective-Protector/dp/B06XWXTBFJ/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1496236335&sr=8-17&keywords=ipad+9.7+case

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Grand Total = £999

Help us reach our target!

Tell everyone you know about our amazing children at Blackhall Primary School, ask them to donate (every £1 helps us reach our target) and see our children achieve their dreams!